Thursday, December 29, 2005

Daily Mockery

We punish kids for shop-lifting,
We let politicians get away with murder.....


My little Christmas

Think Christmas is over? Well you're Wrong!!!!! 12 days of Christmas baby!
Which leaves 7 days left!

As always Christmas came and everything got glittery and and flickery all around. Everywhere you go, you'd see Christmas trees all decorated with Metallic Coated Balls and Flickering lights. Well, most places anyways.

Here's what's sitting in my house...

the family Christmas Tree in all its glory

and this is what's sitting beside the it...


It was a present from my aunts in the Carmelite Monastery from several years ago. They're very handy at making these religious objects. Through enough, they did a Wonderful job at making this crib customly made for the little figures of the Holy Family, the sheperd, and the 3 wise men they had given us a year earlier.

The church was fully decorated for the occasion as well


Shaky hands.......

it's life-sized!!!

So like every year before, we were at homing, counting the minutes before we had to leave for Midnight mass on Christmas eve.

Getting into the Christmas mood, i decided to go downstairs and listen to the chimes of the my Singing Bells (Yes, they Were put up after all XD).

Just as i got out of my room on the second floor, i saw.....


This little fellow was just Hanging there chillin' like one of the Christmas decorations downstairs!!

i froze and the first thing i thought was.....

"Wow~ COOL~!!!"

Then, all hell heaven broke loose when we tried to get it out out of the house!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Daily Mockery

i used to wonder...
"Why do they call the day after Christmas 'Boxing Day'? Clearly, we do the exact opposite of packing on this day. And yet, we still call it Boxing day?"

"i wonder if envious sibblings fighting over some toy has something to do with it...."


Yet another Seasonal Entry

There's actually another celebration that comes about the same time as Christmas. In fact, it's just a few days before the Bing Jingle Ling Ling.

It's none other that the Chinese Celebration of "冬至", or Winter solstice.

Unlike most Chinese Celebrations, whice depend on the Lunar calender, the time for this celebration depends on the Solar Calender. This is no joke

So like every year, my parents went and bought some daugh to make 湯圓, which can directly translated into....soup balls....believe me it tastes better than it sounds. There are many ways of preparing it but my family seem to like cooking the Balls in syrup and pandan leaves.

Just for the fun of tradition, we all sat down and began rolling the daugh into little Balls. Well, at least we tried. This is how most of the dough turned out though....

poring! poring!! PORING!!!!

Come to think of it, it wasn't just the shape.....but the pinkish colour as well.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Daily Mockery

One day, while i was listening to the radio....

"......illegal racing is not a Sprot...."

hmm.....Sprot eh......


My reflection of Christmas

Being born into a Catholic family, naturally means that my family has been celebrating Christmas ever since i could even remember.

Guess you could say, i grew up with Christmas.

Every year, whenever Christmas came around, my family would start the yearly routine.....
24th December, going to Mid-night mass...
25th December, Christmas Morning Mass (which i've always found an excuse to escape)
26th December, Time to open Presents~~~~~~

i recall back when i were a kid, when things were very less complicated. Back then, the sight of a fat, bearded man in a red and white costume never failed to thrill me. i guess i knew that i'd get something from him no matter how naughty i had been, despite what the song says,"..he knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes!"

Yes, back then, it was all about presents, presents and more Presents~~~

Time seem to pass so quickly. As i got older, i finally realized that Christmas shouldn't only be about presents. It should be about SHOPPING!! Err..... i mean celebrating the festival with family.

Though my family isn't very big, everyone's always busy with their own business. Christmas was a time when all my uncles, aunts and cousins came together. We'd all sit down together and have a pot-luck(every brings a dish or two) style family dinner. And every year, the adults would force urge the younger generation(namely me and my cousins) to sing Christmas Carols. And it's always starts out a with every feeling a bit shy. But when the motors warm-up, there's really no stopping.

It's also a time when whe whole family would visit my 2 aunts in Carmelite Monastery. Queues another scene of Adults forcing urging the younger generation to sing carols.

But i guess you could say, it's the Chai Family Tradition. Gotta love it.

There was a time when i though Christmas wasn't going to happen in my heart. (Queues the song "Christmas isn't Christmas"). It was a time of drepression, a time of much loneliness, and a time of deep thought. However, glitter from the decorations and lights of the Christmas tree sitting in a corner of the house and the caroling chimes from the set of Singing Bells (which i am still yet to put up this year) were irresistable. The season is never-failing.

Christmas is around the corner again....
The seasonal rainfalls are also here.
Shopping malls are decorated with the usual holiday designs once more.
The Crib with Baby Jesus lying in the manger is sitting in the Church Compound once more.
Kids are Running Wild in Malls, kicking and screaming for parents to buy them the latest Toys...

Ah....Christmas draws near.....
Jesus is to be born, and the world rejoices....
well, one way or another, that is...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Daily Mockery

i ready this in a book long time ago...
"The Great Wall of China was built to keep out the Mogrels"

it was early one holiday morning and i freaked my parents with a sudden burst of loud laughter....
Dad though i had gone hysterical after the finals.....

i didn't know what made him think that way, but i guess the fact that i was in my underwear, half way through my morning routines had something to do with it....


The Twelve days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
A PSP just for me~

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the forth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the seventh day of Chrstmas, my true love gave to me~
7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
11 Terrapins, 10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the twelvth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
Final Fantasy 12, 11 Terrapins, 10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Daily Mockery

Did you think that Jesus was Born on the 25th of December!?
Heck! i bet they haven't even invented the word "December" yet!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Daily Mockery

Ten years from now....
i'll be asking a kid on the street...
me: hey kid, do you know what Christmas is about?
Kid: Of Course! It's about snowmen~ Christmas Trees~ Presents~ and Santa~
me: errr.......What about Christ?
Kid: Christ? What Christ?!
me: Christmas is suppose to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, didn't you know?
Kid: Don't be silly! For someone your age, you sure are clueless about Christmas!
me: .......


Santa Coca Cola~

Christmas isn't Christmas~
Till it happens~
In your heart~~~~

Thus another year is nearing the end. Which means.....Chrismas is creeping up on us once more.

These days, so many festivals have been commercialized. Yup! Christmas is one of the icons of this phenomenon.

What is Christmas about?

Is it about the Christmas trees?


Oh! i know! Santa Clause!!!!!!!
.....Go screw yourself.....

Then what Is it about!?


Yes! We've been Had! And it's all the media's fault!

Take Santa Claus...

Does any know who Santa Claus really was??
No, he's not the over-weight, old guy in bright-red clothing with fur.....

in fact he looks like this......

Meet Darth Sedious....i mean St Nicholas.

Long ago, there was a poor father who's daughters wanted to get married. But he was too poor to pay the drowry (apparently, different from our Asian tradition, the bride had to pay....).

When St Nicholas learnt about this, he snuck to the father's house in the middle of the night and threw a bag of gold in through the window.

The next morning, the father was amazed. He swore to find out who did the good deed.

So when the time came for his second daughter to get married, he faced the same problem. And as predicted, along came St Nicholas to throw "donate" another bag of gold. Only this time, the father was awake and when St Nicholas threw the bag through the window, it hit him on the head and he died........

Just Kidding!

The father rushed out and caught hold of St Nicholas. Despite St Nicholas's plead for it to be kept secret, the father told everyone about it.

There you have it! The story of St Nicholas....

But how did St Nicholas become....this.....

this guy probably have heart-attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure...

Well, here's the culprit.....

Cocacolalogobubbles4100434's true!

Yupe! That's how the Red and White Santa Claus came to be......and don't even try to ask how "St Nicholas" became "Santa Claus"!

actually i have no idea.......

But my guess is, something was lost in the translation.....

Yes! Christmas isn't Christmas till you've had Coca Cola~!

Wonder what they'll change next.....maybe instead of saying "Merry Christmas", we'll say "Merry Coca Cola" next......

Friday, December 16, 2005

Daily Irony

How different are we from the beasts,
When we slaughter and murder our own fathers and mothers,
for slightest reasons as money....


Weak, we have become.....

Yesterday, i heard at home that some kid committed suicide....

No, it wasn't because his girlfriend left him....

No, it wasn't just because he failed every single subject in his finals....

and no, it wasn't because he owes too many people money that he had to take his own life to escape the enormous debt.....that's another guy.....

He killed himself, just because his mother refused to upgrade his computer and limited his gaming time to 7hrs per day.

Why upgrade?

So that he could Play Online Games, better....

Oh, but there's more.....
He left a suicide note, stating which of his belongings will be given to whom.....
and get this...

His friend gets his computer!

And all his other belongings will be give to other friends as well!

When heard this, i was like


This Brat, i didn't quite get how old he was, killed himself by sticking an electric wire to his body (i heard wrist ). Well, i don't know if he was trying to turn himself into Blanka from Street Fighter, or trying to give himself lightning element......instead, he turned into a human jerky.

For what?!

For the reason his parents limited his online gaming hours to 7hrs max.

Yes, 7hrs! Who the hell could sit infront of a computer staring at a screen that Long!? The longest record i had was like, 5~6hrs! 7hrs! That's already TOO LONG, Dude!

Bet he didn't know people can get cancer being too close to the computer monitor too long.

So he tried to turn himself into Blanka.....

It's frightening to see weird things like this happening. As i recall, this isn't the first MMORPG related death. Not long ago, i remember reading about another incident about a kid killing himself after playing WOW (Worlds of Warcraft)! And he left all his items and equipment in the game to his online pals!


How weak can the human race become!?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Daily Irony

Have you ever noticed?
How several students tend to look almost identical to your old schoolmates when you return to you old high school years later?


It Shook!

Well, i was prepared to write about kittens and puppies or any other korny thing i could think about.....but i guess after the incident this morning, i guess i'm just not into it now....

It was just another morning drive to work...right, Was......

i was on my usual route to work, and when i came to the exit to the round about in front of King Centre, i stopped. Well who wouldn't. At the time i noticed that i was following a Proton Waja. And when my car finally got the the edge of the stop, i looked to see if ther was any traffic coming my way, before i stepped on my accelarator to move into the round about.

Well, any sane driver would do that......but any sane driver would've looked in front before trying to rush into the round about....

i guess i'm just not too sane....


i felt a shock sitting in the little seat of my Nissan Sunny......

Wholy Crap! Little Sunny here just kissed the ass of the Waja in front of me.....

So i got out, and waited for the driver to emerge from the Waja. And hence, he did. He was a guy a, i would say, in his late 30s or early 40s. Slightly shorter than i am wearing a pair of specs......

What came to my mind was astounding.....

"OMG....IT's ME IN 10~20 Years!"


Right so we stared at each other for a while and then we looked at the damage. Then he asked what i was planning to do....

Well, it was inevitably my i apologized and we walked off.....

Yeah Right!.....

We were half way though our conversation when the traffic police came up to us to tell, no Order the both of us to move our vehicles to another spot as we Were after all causing a jam.

So we did.

i gave him my business card, and told him to check how much repairs will cost. In a way i offered to pay for the repairs.

He then gave me his business card and i told him that i will also check with a friend about the costs.

i consider myself lucky. Mr. Kho (the driver) seems to be quite a reasonable man. At least i hope he is.

Anyways.....all i found out that one of my former classmates is owns a repair shop. i plan to take him there.

Well, i guess everything's okay. i hope.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Daily Irony

You pay RM9 to get into a cinema with sticky floors,
pay an extra RM9 for Popcorn and a large coke. 9+9= (RM) 18.00

While you can do enjoy watching Harry Porter and the errr....Goblet of Failure...ack....i mean Fire lying in bed munching down on all the chips you can buy without having to worry about how others will think of you. VCD+chips+comfy seat/view = 5 + (1.70+2.40+3.20) + 0 = 12.30

Hey, but who cares~ Originality and romances comes first~


Ack! I've just been Pked!

i'm a gamer. i love playing online games. And i hug my PS2 like a pillow when i sleep at night. Well, maybe i don't but it's sitting next to me while i sleep at night.

Yes, i am an online game freak. i get addicted to any online game i register an account with during the a free beta period. i'd even pay-2-play if payment was possible.

i've played Dragon raja, Ragnarok online, Seal Online, Rose Online, Gunbound, Maple Story, Survival Project, RYL & gamemyth, RF online(though i still don't know what the heck RF means!), and a few more that i can't even remember their names.

After playing so many online games, you tend to notice several differences of gaming ethics around the world.

i much rather play a game on a Taiwanese server rather than play it on a local server.



Maybe i'm just being ignorant, but when someone kill-steal in a foreign sever, they'd apologize as most of the times, they didn't do it on purpose. It's really admirable in a sense. Though ever so often you see so much violence and blood-shed in an online game, player still could remain courteous towards one another. You can actually feel comfortable

Here's an example,

Player B is fighting a monster in-game, and Player A is hunting at the same spot. Player A clicks aim at a nearby monster but the stupid cursor accidentally selects player B's monsters. Player A trys to click away but it lags and he kills the monster......

Player A:"Oh! I'm terribly Sorry bout That!"

Player B:"It's okay~ It's happened to me before! No worries~"

Player A:"^^"

Player B:"Hey, wanna train together?"

Plyaer A:"Okay!"

Okay, maybe that's a bit too exaggerated, but it's true, i've noticed that players on foreign severs are more mature and courteous when it comes to these kind of situations. Well, there are of course, exceptions (E.g. the braZillian speedhackers in DR and Pinoy kSers in RO).

Same situation in a Local server would be something like this...

Player A:"Sorry..."

Player B:"Cheebye! U like to KS issit!?"
*Switches to Player Killing Mode and Kills Player A!

Here's another example...

Player A:"......."

Player B:"oi! dun Ks Lah~~~~"

Player A:"beh song go PVP loh!"(pvp = player versus player)

Here's another.....

Player A switches to PK mode and kills Player B......

And the player A is like "WTF!?", still hasn't any idea what just happened.....
(this happened to me quite a number of times in my early DR days! XD)

After quite some time of avoiding local servers, i was finally tempted into trying a game in our local servers(the words free for life literally screamed out "PLAY ME!!!").

So, thinking that things may be different now, i decided to give it a shot.

That was naive...

Next thing i knew, i was spending so much personal time with Mr. Floor that i actually though we were meant to be together.......That's local online game players for ya.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Wow, i didn't know we had a lumberjack working for the rennovation company..."

"What's a lumberjack?"

*Queue several crows flying pass in the background.....


Geck Ingtereneck! Geck Rit of iur Children!

One day i was driving and the car stereo was on....

"Can't handle your kids? Why don't you get broadband? It'll keep them busy thoughout the holidays. There's so much you can learn from then net!"

Ah~ Broadband! Something that has begun to grow roots into the daily lives of society.

Wait a minute!? Did the woman just say introduced broadband to a friend so that she use it to get rid of her children!?


What are they trying to say!?

Here's a prediction of the near future....

A 5-year-old runs eargerly to her dad.

Girl : Papa, papa~!!

Dad : Yes Dear?

Girl : What do you and Mami do for fun ah?

Dad : Well, Papa and Mami like to go for movies, and take long walks at waterfront.

Girl : Liddat meh!? Eeeee~~~~ Why papa and mami so old-fashion one.....

Dad : Huh? Liddat also called old-fashioned meh?

Girl :
Yaloh~ Coz on the Ingtereneck, we see sooo many uncle aunty play wrestling ah! Then all uncles and kokos we see play cheat one~! They attached a stick between their legs and then poke it into the aunty and cheche's cheebye ah~! And make them all scream in paing ah! But theng hoh, the Aunty or cheches scream for more woh.....

The dad gets a heart-attack......

Children are very curious!

Curiousity + Internet is not a good combination!

What more to say have an advertisment that encourages parents to get internet, and let their children use it so that they can do something else.

In other words, children use the internet without parental supervision!


Knowing the nature of kids, they like to learn from what they see on television....

Back in our days, it was Cowboys and Indians, Wearing our underwear outside and pretending to be Superman, or strapping a rotan hamper basket on our backs, and fake weapons screaming out words like "KAWABANGA!" or "DUDE!!!" (ninja turtles loh!).

What will happen if the above was let to happen.....

Imagine parents being called to the pricipal's office not because they children beat up some poor kid at school, but because he sexually harrassed a female classmate in the school library......

Is this really what you want???

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i've always been a Dog-person since i could remember.
For some reasons, i am very taken to how cute dogs can be.

Maybe it's just because my house has never been empty of dogs before.

or maybe, coincidentially, i was born in the year of a dog. See, what a bastard i turned out to be?

But sometimes, there's always a black sheep of the crowd that you can never find it in you heart to love...

meet Lucy-Fur! The devil's incarnate! The Monster! The Dog that chased almost every kid in my neighbourhood during it's reign!



. i sucked at drawing.......


this bitch (meaning Female Dog, in case you think it's a pun) was brown, had long fur and eyes that would even make you nanny cry.

Everytime the doors to owners' house was open, she'd roam the lane of my block. Chasing poor innocent passers-by. Terrorizing poor deffenceless children. And i, was one of these poor deffenceless children.

Almost everytime i came fast-to-face with this bitch, it'd chase me all the way back to my gate.

Almost everyone was afraid of its notorious nature. And no one dared to confront it.

I later learnt that its name was Lucy......and after my countless 'encounters' with this beast, i finally decide that its name should be changed......Thus 'Lucy-Fur' was born.....

As time passed, the poor-deffenceless-children grew up. Being bigger in size, made us braver than we had been.

And finally, one fateful day,
i was just walking home from a trip to the nearby shops, when Lucy-Fur rushed out at me. i finally found enough courage in me to rush at her.

She ran.....

Finally, her reign over me was over....

Years had gone by since then. Lucy-Fur is dead now.....probably causing havoc in heaven(yes, couse all dogs go to heaven, despite how nasty they lived) somewhere, chasing some poor-deffenceless angels around the clouds somewhere.

Monday, November 28, 2005

What the KCUF!?

"OMG! What the heck is that woman doing nude? And why is she doing squat-ups in front of those officers!?"

"Didn't you hear?? It's been the hottest topic since bread came sliced. Said some officers stripped searched some chinese women and made her do some disgracing things in front of them!"

"What the......isn't that illegal!?"

"Well, yea, considering there are no Laws or 'standard procedures' where you have to be stripped searched"

"Hold on, that woman looks awfully familiar!"



Imagine that happening to you. How would you feel?

It's horrible!

Ever since we were kids, we were brought up on the belief that the Police are the once whom will:

Up-hold the law!


Protect the Weak and Innocent.

Instead, they spend their time, precious time that they could've used to solve more criminal cases, thinking up ridicules 'standard procedures' like this to miss-use their authority!

talk about "Mengharapkan pagar, pagar makan padi"!!!

Do you actually think that this is funny!?

Are you bored to death, so bore that you have to play disgrace others for the benefit of you own pleasure!?

Who the FCUK do you think you are!?

Need i remind you that they are also flesh and blood like you!?

People like these deserve to go though the same disgrace and torture that they've inflicted onto others.

The law should seriouly consider putting them throught the same torment. Yes, let them have the Pleasure of being Strip-searched and do Squat-ups Nude while someone records everything on tape!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ways to tell if you hate cats

  1. You step on accelarator when you see a cat crossing the street.

  2. You have an 'urge' when a cat passes you by while you are holding a cup of Steaming-Hot-coffee.

  3. You have an air-pistol in your room labbelled "For Cats Only".

  4. You see a cat in your car-porch and you open the door and chase it around the block

  5. You name your Pitbull 'Pussy-No-More'.

  6. You feel like doing something to the neighbour's persian cat......invloving a shaver.

  7. You attach a fish to a trip-wire to a catapult in you backyard.

  8. Instead of milk, you teach the neighbour's kitten to drink Detol+water

  9. You sneak up behind a cat drinking by a lake and, suddenly, Screams!

  10. You strap a fire-cracker onto the neighbour's cat's clock-work mouse.

  11. You start masturbating a lot after seeing this...

  12. Instead of feeding the stray cats 'Whiskers', you feed them 'Whisky'.....

  13. "hereEE~~ kitty~ kitty~" urged Tom with a mallet hidden behind his back

  14. You have you garden sprinkler modified to spray gasoline and you have a box of match sitting on your closet by the door.

  15. You keep Electric Eels as pets in your garden pond.

  16. You see a cat resting at the roof of your apartment building and you sneak up to it and scream!

Indeed, i hate cats, but i am not a maniac and i've never done the above. Well, not most of them, that is.

you are welcome to try any of them. Be sure to tell me how it felt. Send me pictures if you manage to take them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Oh, my suicidal dreams.....
voices telling me what to do......"

The Urge....

Flip open the day's papers, a certain person has just taken his/her own life.....

Yet, another suicide.....

It seems to have become a trend these days. Almost everyday, you'd see a news in the papers about a death by suicide.

Makes you wonder what life actually mean to people now. It's scary to see how easy people can take away their own lives in a just a blink of an eye for any small, stupid reason.


Depression maybe? i think so. For some reasons, the person may have lost his self-esteem. Maybe he was brought up by people who despises him. Who keep telling him that he's not good enough to even be alive. Who keep pushing him towards the edge and pushing his buttons.

In the end, he'd gotten used to being a told that he's useless and he begins to think that he Is.

What else could've caused it?

Take the story "Romeo and Juliet" for instance. They longed so much to be with each other despite the objection of their families. In the end, the killed themselves....hoping that will keep them together forever.....

i guess you could say this story actually has a huge effect on people today.

Ever so often, you'd hear or read about the news of young couples, committing suicide together. Just because their parents rejected the fact that they both loved each other.

Maybe they think that it's romatic to die that way?

i think it's stupid.

Just because you've failed once or twice in life, doesn't mean that the future will be dark forever. Things change, and problems can be solved, one way or another. Nothing is worth taking your own life for.

Besides, you owe that much to your parents to stay alive. Considering the fact that your mother went through excruciating pain to bring you to this world. And afterwards, went through so much hardship and toils to keep you alive.

Just to have you leap from a high building or find your hanging from your room ceiling.....

For what? For some stupid reason of being rejected by some girl/boy...

Think that will be the end of their hardship and toils?

No! They'd have to live with the guilt that they've failed at being parents.

Or maybe that's just what you wanted? You Sick, Weak Bastard!

There are so many dying people, praying for more time to live. And go out and take your own live. i bet there are many who'd want to bash you up when they meet you in the Other World!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Aesthetic Shit!

just another normal Sunday like any other......


i guess so....

Spent almost the whole day re organizing my room.....

not to mention give it a much needed cleaning.....

i'm a typical gets messy after a while........

and besides the dust was killing me......


so i was happily cleaning away,

moving everything around,

vacumning-up all the dust....

then Fify did something she hadn't done for ages......
(Fify's my 13-year-old Shih Tzu by the way...that's like 91 human years!)

she took a crap in my dad's study.......

Crystalcrismoon witnessed the whole thing and she was like

"OH GOSH! FIFY!!! NOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!"

......too late.......thus the bomb was dropped..........

Great! More work!

it was not until i took another glance of the discharge that i noticed something really amusing!

at first....i thought it looked something like the Leaning Tower of Pisa....

So Crystalcrismoon suggested that i take a picture of it......

and so i did.......(right, you'd probably think i'm nuts....wait for it.....)

and later....i noticed it looked like something even MORE INTERESTING!!!!!

and i was like,


Well you be the judge.....

Warning: the following picture is not suitable for viewer who are eating, just ate, has issues with droppings, or is feeling unwell.......

You were warned.....





oh's a.........
(a's a Male......)

Monday, November 14, 2005

After the recent haircut i had,
i am now an official Dork.......oh crap......

but then again,
that's what you get for not wanting to go the extra mile to pay for an over-rated haircut over at one of those, so-called, hair professional saloons.

which brings us today's topic....

Gel, the artificial semen on the head!

Many of my friends and aquaintances have asked me the same questions over and over again......

"Why don't you just use some gel on your hair and make it look better?"

Ah, Gel. One of the inventions of mankind. How do you use it? You put it all over your hair and shape it to the style you desire. And as a result, you,supposedly, look better than you actually do and Girls will dig you for your Macho Looks.......

Yeah, right.......

Indeed, gel is one of the best inventions since bread came sliced. True, when you apply it on your hear and comb your hair right, girls Do indeed pay more attention to you when you're talking to them. Well, sometimes.......anyways......

However, all that beauty doesn't come without a price. It's always a hassle washing your hair clean after the day/date is over.

i hate doing that. What's worse is that you can never get everything out after only one wash. And if the gel has a strong smell, it will form another smell when it combines with the smell of you shampoo and Vua~la~! The perfect tear gas is created. The stench is horrible.

but, that's not the entire story......

Remember the movie "There's something about Mary?", the one starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller. No? Then you're pretty much too young to be reading blogs, so go to bed! Anyway, there's a part in the movie where the guy was about to go out with Mary and a friend of his tells him that he should go out "louded". So off he goes with a piece of newspaper clipping full of pictures of girls into his bathroom. What's he up to? Du'uh!

So he was reaching his climax when Mary arrived at his door. The guy, startle by the knock at his door, didn't see where he ejaculated......and when he opens the door, Mary saw some "Gel" hanging from his ear.....and she took it an spread it over the front of her hair!!!


And thus, i was truamatized!! (yeah, right...)

but one thing's for sure, i despise the feeling of putting on gel. i love to feel the wind blowing through my hair on a windy afternoon. i love to run my fingers through my hair, though i've been warned that it's going to make me bald. And putting on gel just takes that all away.

besides, any girl who likes you for what you look like on the outside, is as shallow as water in a plate, despite how deep her pussy may be.

So, guys, the next time you put gel on your hair.....think of the movie.....

Friday, November 11, 2005







看了这篇文章后,难免会然我有所感触。 的确,漫长的人生中,我们会遇见的人可真的很多。 但是,人生中会遇见的知己又有几个呢?

许多时候,我们都会在不同时候遇见几个要好的朋友。 在彼此抚恤的情况中,让彼此成长。





Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ladies and gentlemenS, we are testing the fire alarm system. There is no need for ENVILCUATION. Thank you for your EXTENSION....




There was a time not so long ago that you could actually remember all the names of the singers and actors/actresses you see or hear on the radio. Back then, when you go to the cinema, the fare was only around RM3~RM4. And you can be sure those movies will have you at the edge of your seats. Why? Was it Script? Was it the Actors/Actresses? Well, it was both.

Back then, whenever your hear a tune on the radio, you know it's original. You know the composer poured his heart and soul into it so that us listener will be touched by the the lyrics and moved by the tune.

Sadly, gone were the days when Originality reigned.......

It's different now.....

These days, you'll have to pay a freaking RM9 just see a movie. What's worse? Seeing a movie so bad, you feel like spitting at the poster on your way out. Oh the effects are wonderful these days. So many things you can do with CG (Computer Generated) these days. But what ever happened to originality and imaginative script writing? Many scripts Freaking Sucks. And we more and more REMAKES of movies from the past (War of the Worlds, Amityville Horror, King Kong, Charlie's Angels, Michael Jack...ops!!! i meant Charlie's Chocolate Factory.........). And how about the remakes from Japanese films (The Ring, The Ring 2, Dark Water.......). What's up with that? i'm sure the script writers can do better than that! If they only spent more time thinking rather than sleeping around with their Fame and scratching their furry butts.

It's no wonder the movie industry is dying........

And as if it wasn't enough.......

i turned on the radio and if it's some black-homie-'Dawg' hip-hopping away about how he just wants to have sex with a gal a little bit, it's some other black-homie-'Dawg' rapping about how he Great he is at making women get naked. i don't have anything against black people, in fact i actually think black people are cool. And the hip-hop's very nice too. But for goodness sakes, stop playing hip-hop continuously LAH!!!!

So i changed the channel, hoping i could hear something other than black-homies-'Dawgs' hip-hopping. Nothing could've prepared me for the SHOCK, the TORTURE, the HORROR.......i heard.........Jolin Tsai......Singing a mandarin version of Jewel's "They"!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to think the D.J. commented that it was a cute song!? Jolin's famous for doing this though......remember "Don't Stop" in her debut album... and her image...... 'coincidentially' looks so much like Ayumi Hamasaki! *COUGH!*copycat*COUGH!*

That's not all....this morning crystalcrismoon just gave one of the most horrifying new of all. It was more frightening than hearing that you have AIDS. More scary than seeing a 90-year-old A Mah naked. More terrifying than seeing Arnold nude........ it was the news of her hearing the madarin version of Numa Numa Dance on the radio! ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!! KNN!!!!!!!!! CCB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say it ain't so!!!!!
SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really, truely, terribly HORRIJIBLE AH!!!!


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Read em' and Weep....

In order to assure the highest levels of quality work
and productivity from students, it will be our policy
to keep all students well taught through our

We are trying to give our students more S.H.I.T.
than anyone else. If you feel that you do not
receive your share of S.H.I.T. on the course,
please see your lecturer. You will be immediately
placed at the top of the S.H.I.T. list, and our
lecturers are especially skilled at seeing that you
get all the S.H.I.T. you can handle.

Students who don't take their S.H.I.T. will be

Those who fail to take D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T. seriously
will have to go to EDUCATIONAL ATTITUDE
TRAINING (E.A.T. S.H.I.T.). Since our lecturers
took S.H.I.T. before they graduated, they don't
have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are all full of
S.H.I.T. already.

If you are full of S.H.I.T., you may be interested in a
job teaching others. We can add your name to our
(B.U.L.L. S.H.I.T.).

For students who are intending to pursue a career
in management andconsulting, we will refer you to
This course emphasizes how to manage
M.O.R.E. S.H.I.T.

If you have further questions, please direct them to


PS. Now send this S.H.I.T. to 5 or more people
who need S.H.I.T. in their life, just not the same
person who sent you this S.H.I.T., they have
already had their fill of S.H.I.T. Thank You for your

The Director Under the Michigan Bureau of Super
High Intensity Teaching. (The D.U.M.B. S.H.I.T.)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Pholosophy of Life 101...

Never Follow on blindly without Questioning...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chasing Shadows

Left me lying here scarred

My blood flow down with tears

My mind is empty from the pain I feel inside

I wish I wouldn’t live through this

I wish I were dead

You fucked my heart up

Sucks that I still feel for you till now

Torn apart and broken up so many times

Death awaits me at the corner…

This really sucks inside

So now here I am reminiscing about the time we shared

While I’m chasing shadows down the streets

Trying to find whatever I’ve lost in this

I couldn’t understand how I could’ve become like this

Chasing shadows is what I do now

Chasing the shadows of what was……

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Is your birthday day 29 of the month?
Your Life
You can trust your sixth sense. Life is exciting so
routine job is not your
interest. You have great ideas and fantastic
imagination. You often feel
tired of things and people around you.
Your Love
You can tell what's in the mind of another person
just from looking into
his/her eyes. You are paranoid and jealous and
these are the cause of fights
between you and your lover.
Sometimes the thing you believe in is just your


Food For Thought?

These days, i'm often skeptical about these things. How certain dates can affect the personality and behaviour of people. How certain stars are more compatible with each other than others. i really don't see how this could actually affect a person in how they act and think.

Back in high school, i used to have my head burried deep books about astrology. No, those aren't the ones about comets or nebulas and all. Those are of astromony, if you please. Astrology is about the life, love, career, friendship, etc... of the horoscopes. Back then, i could remember the order, element, characteristics, personality and houses of all the horoscopes. I was so into it, that i spent my free time digging for more input on the internet.

Come to think of it, it was, and sometimes, still is fun to meet a person, guess his/her horoscope and later finding out that you were right. It's no wonder why many have taken up astrology as a walkthrough in how to communicate better with others around them. Especially when it comes to finding their soul mates.


i switched on my PC at work this morning and, as usual, logged onto Oh lookie, some has posted an article of the bulletine board. So i opened it and read.

Is your birthday day 29 of the month? what is it about this time......

"You can trust your sixth sense. Life is exciting so routine job is not your interest. You have great ideas and fantastic imagination. You often feel tired of things and people around you. " i read.... i'm phsychic now.......great.....then why do i not have any idea about what lotto number they are going to pick next. "Life's exciting", right, but responsibility comes first. "great ideas and fantastic imagination" other words....i'm delusional? i guess so. About feeling tired about things and people around me, well, if you were in my shoes, you just can't help it.

so i read on.......

"You can tell what's in the mind of another person just from looking into his/her eyes. You are paranoid and jealous and these are the cause of fights between you and your lover. Sometimes the thing you believe in is just your imagination."

i read the first sentence, stared into the eyes of my collegue...*TOOOOOOO------------------* and this was what i saw *BLANK*......and i believe she was about to call the looney bin on me. Paranoid? Jealous? Who are you to judge me? Are you out to get me? Why are you staring at me like dat!? Are you undressing me with in your mind!? You must be!! Who are you!? NO! Don't Look at ME!!!! Stop persecuting me!!!!!!!!! Wait! You're after my girl aren't you!? AREN'T YOU!?!? Why you little....(tries to stranggle you but bumps into the monitor....*BOINK!*)......

Right.......errrr........i guess there's some truth in it sometimes. But why settle for what people believe you to be? If you think you are what you read, start living differently. Go against it! Break free!


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Honestly...i HATE cats!

Despite me using blackcat as a my nick, i'm actually more of a dog person. In fact, i despise cats.

If you ask me Why? Well, all i can say is, I don'T know either.

Maybe it was being scratched by one when i was 4. Or maybe it was cause one ate my goldfish and later, my turtle. Or even because they tend to make such annoying noises and start playing tag on my roof whenever mating season comes around. All i know is, I HATE 'em!

I recall an incident i witness when i was younger which never fails to amuse me everytime it comes to mind. It happened on a sunny afternoon when i got so bored, i decided to take a walk around my neighbourhood. i was walking along minding my own business and enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, when i suddenly noticed 3 of the neighbourhood dogs ganging up on a cat.

After chasing it around the block a few times. 2 of the dogs managed to overtake the cat and were getting ready to attack it from the front as the other chased the cat towards them. It all happened so fast, than in a leap of distress, the cat jumped over the two dogs in its way, without noticing the drain behind them!

Next thing i saw, was the cat plunging into the drain with a hugh Splash! The dogs seemed surprised. Later, the cat emerged, damped from the drain water and ran off.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Recently, i came across this picture on the net...

 go Masturbate...kill all the cats!

Friday, October 14, 2005

OMG...They've done it.....

I've noticed something going on between them for quite sometime now. But all odds were against them. Everyone could fee they feelings for each others. No one dared to confront them
about it... And even if they did, i doubt they'll get an answer anyway.

Then, it happened......

it was just another normal day, i was walking down the corridor. happily humming the tune that i've been listening to on my computer at my desk earlier. Nothing could've prepared me for what i was about to see next...

i was working my daily rounds about the premises, as usual. Checking the locks. Feeling the air-conditioning. Everything was normal. Until i came to the dark corridor that led to the wash room. And there they were......doing it. I was shocked! They were so intimate with each other. so much that they didn't even notice me standing there.

Chances like this do not come often. Thus i did what anyone would've done in a situation like this.....i drew my digital camera and took a shot....

......and they didn't even know


i guess something in them finally snapped! It's inevitable..... after having to work so close to each other with those emotions and desire attached.


very close indeed......



Chairs these days.......pif............

Wednesday, October 12, 2005



其实也不是第一次接触它了。 中学时,很常都会碰上这行字。 都是朋友在拒绝更进一步交往时利用的理由。

难道一对朋友,混得很熟时,就真的不能发展成为清吕吗? 其实我是认为未必吧。 他们都说,太熟的话,走在一起会怕破坏彼此的感情。


如果真的混得很熟的话,那应该也会知道对方的生活的点点滴滴吧。 那样,不就是了解对方吗? 我认为,一段感情中,最重要应该就是相互的了解。 互相了解方法也就只有相互的沟通。 换句话说,混得很熟,不就是可以无话不谈吗? 为什么又会无法交往?


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Footsteps Erased...

Things are always changing around us. Childhood friends moving away. Family members passing on. Close friends migrating to other countries...

So many things can change ins such a short time. Most of them happen under our noses without us realizing till one, suddenly, you notice the difference.

Recently, I've been noticing more and more of these changes around me. Could it be development? Does it mean improvement? All i know is, many things that had been a part of my life growing up are slowly disappearing. That cherry tree in our neighbourhood, which my buddies and I used to build our, so-called, "tree-house" in is gone. The memories of us hammering away in the hot Sunday afternoons is now a pile of grass. Even those buddies of mine had moved out of the neighbourhood.

Even the system of the High School i used to go to had been changed. For the better? Maybe. But it pains me to see the things that i have come to cherish change so much over such a short time. The association that i was part of, that changed me from that quiet, shy kid into the out-going person i am now was gone. It hurts...... they've murdered it..... So much has changed since the last time i was there.

It hurts when people, who you know, who you love or learnt to love, who you didn't know you loved, pass on. It hurts even more when you've wronged them and didn't get a chance to apologize to them. The guilt never ends...

Sometimes we despise change. Yet, there's nothing we can do, but learn to live with it. Hoping things Do, indeed, take a turn for the better.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Something to say......

This is the first time I've ever tried to start a blog outside friendster so I hope the world will go a bit easy on me.

Anyways...Hi there! Welcome come to my blog. It's pretty much empty now but I'm sure I will find more inspiration to write in here soon.