Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 Apr 2009 iT’s bEen a wHile neh~~~

dAily mOckery

hOw quickly we humans judge a death on who they subject is that we forget that they are actually living, breathing beings made of flesh and has feelings. jUst as the likes of us…..

tHe irony…..


sTairway sCare…

通往這門的走廊是很少人會去的(除了一些偷偷到那裏抽煙的傢伙們)。 忽然看到長髮的‘東西’飃過當然會受驚罷……結果這女的竟然在這種地方聼電話……

(tHe corridor to this exit is usually deserted, cept to a bunch of people who often smoke there against building regulations. sEeing something with long-hair suddenly glide by the window is enough to give some one a heart-attack…..bUt for reasons unknown this lady chose to take a call here…)