Friday, October 26, 2007

26 oCtober ALUMOR AMOUR!!!

dAily mOckery

oCcassional rEview~!

iF you own a PSP, and are looking for something that provides great protection to the console, and fits perfectly. tHen this is what you're looking for!
tHis, is the Capdase Alumor Metal Casing for the PSP. iT comes with a silicon cover, an unbreakable screen protector and, get this, an ALLOY amour to ensure perfect protection!

aNd if that's not enough, it comes in several colours! i Personally own a black one.

aCcording to them, they should release the PSP Slim version by the end of the year.


PSP 兇案! wHen PSP(s) aTtacks!

(NOTE : tHis was an actual incident....)

Monday, October 22, 2007

22 oCtober sOmeONE wEnt aNd cHanged hIs nAme~!

dAily mOckery


(^ = A=^)""


tAles of nEw hAir.........


那同事的位子正背向門。所以每次豬豬出現在門口時,電腦熒幕就會反照出她的影子..... 杯弓蛇影啊......
(tHat colleague has her back towards the door. tHat's why when Piggy appears at the door, her reflection will appear of the monitor...... tAlk about Optical Illusions.....)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17 oCtober 1337

dAily mOckery

rEading my journal always makes me h the sudden urge to Smack my younger self.........



(tHis is why we should always pay attention while playing......)

Friday, October 12, 2007

12 oCtober hOw cOme tHey gEt a dAy oFf!?

dAily mOckery

sEasonal wIshes~

tO aLl my Islam homies out there~!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!


fOrmula fOr lIfe

fOr those who don't know, i work at a college and intake season just passed. tHis is usually one of the most stressful time of the year, so i get a bit of insomnia this time around. tHus playing the PSP relaxes me, though it's not until the wee hours of morning that i finally doze off......tHus, enters insufficient sleep. lUcky for me, intake season ends today and Raya holidays begin tomorrow~! tIme to do some catching-up!!!

i'Ll still be going visiting though~!

Friday, October 05, 2007

05 oCt lIzards

dAily mOckery

i Know it's all fake and all.....

aNd the acting and the effects aren't all so great either.....

bUt Pet Cemetery is still some scary shit......


sCared hAlf tO dEath.....


tHere's a restaurant on the same floor as my office. tHeir waiter uniform is dark coloured. aNd i think this happened, only because i had bad experiences with dogs when i was a kid.

i Still love dogs though.