Wednesday, April 05, 2006

5 April 2006 Say it to me Baby! Aha! Aha!

Daily Mockery

"tHe pen is mightier than the sword!"

"wHat if it's up against a knife?"



tHe Object of Love... tHe object of Lust...

sEx is such a common subject these days. aLmost everywhere you hear something about it. eSpecially in Black Homey Dawg hip-hop rape songs. aNd as if that's not bad enough, everytime you tune over to, you hear them.

aRousing? mAybe. bUt i guess it's been burnt into my existance that sex shouldn't be such an open topic.

oR is it?

fRankly, i don't mind discussing abour sex. i don't even think it's wrong to put it into some Black Homey Dawggy-Dawg hip-hop. tHough i can't help be notice something out of all might have noticed it too.

wHy is it, when it comes to women, the main thing that comes to mind is Sex, sex and more sex?

iN a society where sex is becoming more and and more often, women seem to have become sex objects rather than receiving the actual respect they've fought so much for.

wHere is the love?
hAs everything just fallen to the level of My Humps!

iT's the picture painted by the Media!
iS it really it?! i Frankly don't think so. lUst has be around since the begining of time, it's a basic instinct that pushes us to quench that thirst. wHether we like it or not, it's been engraved into the very blueprint of our existance. iN other words, the media only plays a small part of reminding us of one line of coding wrintten into the program of human existance. wHich means, lUst is who we are.

fOrgive me for being conservative, but isn't sex suppose to be sacred?
yEt nowadays, it seems the only reason a guy wants to get with a gal is just to get into her pants and screw her silly.

i grew up watching movies from the States and from what i've noticed, sex is part of their culture. jUst like a hand-shake. tHe influence is great, as nowadays, many Asian countries have adopted this 'culture' in their lives.

sO Men are all perverts.
tHat's a universal truth.

bUt that goes for women as well. wOmen are as pervertic as men are. jUst that men had always played the part of being the initiator in a sexual relationship. tHat's all in the pass. wOmen, whom had been passive, are not become more and more open-minded about sex. sOme even seduce men into having casual sex with them. aS a result, sex is become more and more of a hand-shake these days. a Trend?? errr.....hmm........

wE may not know it......but it's happening all around us.......and much serious than we expected.....

iS this the price to pay to be Open-minded???