Monday, December 19, 2005

Daily Mockery

Ten years from now....
i'll be asking a kid on the street...
me: hey kid, do you know what Christmas is about?
Kid: Of Course! It's about snowmen~ Christmas Trees~ Presents~ and Santa~
me: errr.......What about Christ?
Kid: Christ? What Christ?!
me: Christmas is suppose to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, didn't you know?
Kid: Don't be silly! For someone your age, you sure are clueless about Christmas!
me: .......


Santa Coca Cola~

Christmas isn't Christmas~
Till it happens~
In your heart~~~~

Thus another year is nearing the end. Which means.....Chrismas is creeping up on us once more.

These days, so many festivals have been commercialized. Yup! Christmas is one of the icons of this phenomenon.

What is Christmas about?

Is it about the Christmas trees?


Oh! i know! Santa Clause!!!!!!!
.....Go screw yourself.....

Then what Is it about!?


Yes! We've been Had! And it's all the media's fault!

Take Santa Claus...

Does any know who Santa Claus really was??
No, he's not the over-weight, old guy in bright-red clothing with fur.....

in fact he looks like this......

Meet Darth Sedious....i mean St Nicholas.

Long ago, there was a poor father who's daughters wanted to get married. But he was too poor to pay the drowry (apparently, different from our Asian tradition, the bride had to pay....).

When St Nicholas learnt about this, he snuck to the father's house in the middle of the night and threw a bag of gold in through the window.

The next morning, the father was amazed. He swore to find out who did the good deed.

So when the time came for his second daughter to get married, he faced the same problem. And as predicted, along came St Nicholas to throw "donate" another bag of gold. Only this time, the father was awake and when St Nicholas threw the bag through the window, it hit him on the head and he died........

Just Kidding!

The father rushed out and caught hold of St Nicholas. Despite St Nicholas's plead for it to be kept secret, the father told everyone about it.

There you have it! The story of St Nicholas....

But how did St Nicholas become....this.....

this guy probably have heart-attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure...

Well, here's the culprit.....

Cocacolalogobubbles4100434's true!

Yupe! That's how the Red and White Santa Claus came to be......and don't even try to ask how "St Nicholas" became "Santa Claus"!

actually i have no idea.......

But my guess is, something was lost in the translation.....

Yes! Christmas isn't Christmas till you've had Coca Cola~!

Wonder what they'll change next.....maybe instead of saying "Merry Christmas", we'll say "Merry Coca Cola" next......

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