Monday, December 05, 2005

Daily Irony

You pay RM9 to get into a cinema with sticky floors,
pay an extra RM9 for Popcorn and a large coke. 9+9= (RM) 18.00

While you can do enjoy watching Harry Porter and the errr....Goblet of Failure...ack....i mean Fire lying in bed munching down on all the chips you can buy without having to worry about how others will think of you. VCD+chips+comfy seat/view = 5 + (1.70+2.40+3.20) + 0 = 12.30

Hey, but who cares~ Originality and romances comes first~


Ack! I've just been Pked!

i'm a gamer. i love playing online games. And i hug my PS2 like a pillow when i sleep at night. Well, maybe i don't but it's sitting next to me while i sleep at night.

Yes, i am an online game freak. i get addicted to any online game i register an account with during the a free beta period. i'd even pay-2-play if payment was possible.

i've played Dragon raja, Ragnarok online, Seal Online, Rose Online, Gunbound, Maple Story, Survival Project, RYL & gamemyth, RF online(though i still don't know what the heck RF means!), and a few more that i can't even remember their names.

After playing so many online games, you tend to notice several differences of gaming ethics around the world.

i much rather play a game on a Taiwanese server rather than play it on a local server.



Maybe i'm just being ignorant, but when someone kill-steal in a foreign sever, they'd apologize as most of the times, they didn't do it on purpose. It's really admirable in a sense. Though ever so often you see so much violence and blood-shed in an online game, player still could remain courteous towards one another. You can actually feel comfortable

Here's an example,

Player B is fighting a monster in-game, and Player A is hunting at the same spot. Player A clicks aim at a nearby monster but the stupid cursor accidentally selects player B's monsters. Player A trys to click away but it lags and he kills the monster......

Player A:"Oh! I'm terribly Sorry bout That!"

Player B:"It's okay~ It's happened to me before! No worries~"

Player A:"^^"

Player B:"Hey, wanna train together?"

Plyaer A:"Okay!"

Okay, maybe that's a bit too exaggerated, but it's true, i've noticed that players on foreign severs are more mature and courteous when it comes to these kind of situations. Well, there are of course, exceptions (E.g. the braZillian speedhackers in DR and Pinoy kSers in RO).

Same situation in a Local server would be something like this...

Player A:"Sorry..."

Player B:"Cheebye! U like to KS issit!?"
*Switches to Player Killing Mode and Kills Player A!

Here's another example...

Player A:"......."

Player B:"oi! dun Ks Lah~~~~"

Player A:"beh song go PVP loh!"(pvp = player versus player)

Here's another.....

Player A switches to PK mode and kills Player B......

And the player A is like "WTF!?", still hasn't any idea what just happened.....
(this happened to me quite a number of times in my early DR days! XD)

After quite some time of avoiding local servers, i was finally tempted into trying a game in our local servers(the words free for life literally screamed out "PLAY ME!!!").

So, thinking that things may be different now, i decided to give it a shot.

That was naive...

Next thing i knew, i was spending so much personal time with Mr. Floor that i actually though we were meant to be together.......That's local online game players for ya.....


Alicia said...

i played DR b4 too.. i heard DR is now gone liao.. all wiped off.. btw.. i've tried this new game recently.. it's a nice game..

blacKCaT07 said...

kakaka, saddens me too when i found out about DR being gone. Was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

It made laugh how much you love to play online games!

It is amazing how people could actually enjoy something this bad!

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