Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily Mockery

How do you not show that you don't know something when you are explaining it to someone?

You push it to another fellow, saying he/she is, actually, the person in-charge of it......


One Straight Line

Living out life day by day

With nothing more than common

Peace and harmony I’ve always prayed

Indeed the Lord is listening

One straight line

One straight time

Everything’s the same each day

I think about how things of may

Often ponder about my actions

What I do


What I say

All I did each passing day

Is this how I shall exist

Till in my grave I stay

Often times I think astray

Seldom do I stop to pray

Is this why life’s so common?

Is this my price to pay?

Despise it not is simple life

Nor do I yearn for worse times

Though I ask myself each time I wake

Is this really my true fate?

One straight line

One straight time

I feel fucked when I think of things this way…

I know there’s still something more

Often times my mind will wander

To another time

A time of past

Was any better than it now?

Or do I just miss it too much?

One straight line

One straight time

A time of peace

A time so common

Day by day

Each day alike

When life has become redundant ……

One straight line

One straight time

Till the end?

Till I die?

Wake me from this nightmare…

I pray….

I pray……….