Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Oh, my suicidal dreams.....
voices telling me what to do......"

The Urge....

Flip open the day's papers, a certain person has just taken his/her own life.....

Yet, another suicide.....

It seems to have become a trend these days. Almost everyday, you'd see a news in the papers about a death by suicide.

Makes you wonder what life actually mean to people now. It's scary to see how easy people can take away their own lives in a just a blink of an eye for any small, stupid reason.


Depression maybe? i think so. For some reasons, the person may have lost his self-esteem. Maybe he was brought up by people who despises him. Who keep telling him that he's not good enough to even be alive. Who keep pushing him towards the edge and pushing his buttons.

In the end, he'd gotten used to being a told that he's useless and he begins to think that he Is.

What else could've caused it?

Take the story "Romeo and Juliet" for instance. They longed so much to be with each other despite the objection of their families. In the end, the killed themselves....hoping that will keep them together forever.....

i guess you could say this story actually has a huge effect on people today.

Ever so often, you'd hear or read about the news of young couples, committing suicide together. Just because their parents rejected the fact that they both loved each other.

Maybe they think that it's romatic to die that way?

i think it's stupid.

Just because you've failed once or twice in life, doesn't mean that the future will be dark forever. Things change, and problems can be solved, one way or another. Nothing is worth taking your own life for.

Besides, you owe that much to your parents to stay alive. Considering the fact that your mother went through excruciating pain to bring you to this world. And afterwards, went through so much hardship and toils to keep you alive.

Just to have you leap from a high building or find your hanging from your room ceiling.....

For what? For some stupid reason of being rejected by some girl/boy...

Think that will be the end of their hardship and toils?

No! They'd have to live with the guilt that they've failed at being parents.

Or maybe that's just what you wanted? You Sick, Weak Bastard!

There are so many dying people, praying for more time to live. And go out and take your own live. i bet there are many who'd want to bash you up when they meet you in the Other World!

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