Thursday, November 30, 2006

30 November Advent is at hAnd~~~

Daily Mockery

wAs playing FFIII on my NDS the other night and was having a heck of a time trying to make my way through a dungeon with horribly strong monsters. aNd as if it wasn't hard enough, these monsters have the tendancy to "Divide" themselves and multiply......

jObs of my party members included: a Knight, a White mage, a Black mage and a dRagoon....

tHough at the time i knew i was suppose to use my favourite job, the dark knight, to make it easier.... pRoblem was.....i didn't have the right weapons nor did i have strong enough amour for that job.

nOt strong weapons+no strong amour = death = waste of Pheonix down/Raise magic.....

tHing got better as i went deeper into the dungeon though, as i finally got the Genji amour set for the dark knight job, not to mention a strong sword as well.

wIth those equipment at hand, the boss battle was a piece of cake. tHe dungeon took me more than an hour but the boss took only a few minutes....

aFter the boss battle, i decided to train around as my characters' levels were at 39 and i wanted to reach 40.

jUst as i finally levelled.....i accidentally pressed the power button.........


wOah~! tHat wAs lOng......

wEll, from the looks of today's "Daily Mockery", you should have an idea about what i've been doing a lot lately.

yEs, playing Final Fantasy III on the NDS (or as James like to call it, "the thing that you can touch down there").


bEing the FFF (Final Fantasy Freak) i am, it's obvious that i'm hooked on this game. iF you are living with me, you'd see me glued to my NDS every chance i get.


i Can't help it, i'm really a sucker for 3D re-makes of old RPG games. wHat's more, this is Final Fantasy, the game that got me interested in RPG games in the first place. tO add to my addiction, Final Fantasy III allows you to change between classes, unlike the recent versions of FF i've played (FFVIII - Cloud was a soldier, Cid was a dragoon, period/FFVIII - Squall was a squire, Seifer was a knight, period/and so on). tHe idea of being able to train as different classes just grabs me (just like how it did when i played Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Advance).


i Must admit though, i was scepticle about NDS being able to handle the advance CG graphics that Squareenix famous for. aNd this game really prooved me wrong. tHe opening CG ran so smoothly ub superb quality, i nearly had an orgasm when i first saw it.


sO now i'm finally convinced that my choice to buy NDS rather than the PSP was absolutely worth it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

24 November wat time is it again??

Daily Mockery

yOu'll never know what you might online.
yEsterday i was reading a blog entry about famous yet ironic quotes by icons of the IT world today.

hEre's one to show how much i had reading that particular entry:

"640k ought to be enough for anybody."
- fUnny? nO. wHat if i told you that this was said by Bill Gates back in 1981?

aNd another...

"Windows isn't like a virus, viruses do something"

fOllowed by another...

"Window isn't like a virus, viruses rarely fail"

iRonicly these quotes are either very true, or very real. XD


sOmebody's gOt a nEw tOy tO pLay wIth.....

fOr those who know me well enough, i bet you've already grown sick of me nagging and whining about my dream phone, and how i am too stingy don't have money to get one. i'll bet i've nagged and whined so many times, you all are ready to biatch-slap me the next time i say something about it.

aNyways, in case you don't know/don't remember which phone i mean, it's the Soneyericsson w810i.
W810i01 W810i02

sO our story today begins when the gang that i hang out with decided to go phone-hunting over the weekend. iNitially we had no intentions about buying anything then. sAturday came and we met over lunch near Bin's office, and later head of to our fateful battlefield, Green Bucket Plaza (errr... Serbakas.... Se.. it's "Qing Tong" in mandarin so i might as well call it that). iT was there that we made our pilgrimage to from one stall to stall, floor to floor, store to store, checking out the price and package of various phones. i'Ve forgotten to mention, one of us was looking for a phone to buy at the end of the year. tHat was what brought about this little pilgrimage in the first place.

tHen it happened.........

i Swear, every stall and every store we visited, i heard it

"Buy me..... BUY ME!!!!! You know you want ME...."

aT first i just ignored it, but as we made our way thought the floors, the subtle whisper turned into a raging roar!(OMFG, i could hear voices in my head! i'M delusional! ......nOthing new there.....)

tOwards the end of the day, i've totally given-in to the lust...the temptation.... aNd it wasn't only me. aPparently, my little Piggy had also been pulled from grace when i put this question to her earlier,

(tRanslated - "Might as well just go right ahead and buy the phone now, you think?")

tAlk about the whole Adam and Eve episode all over again...... tHe next day (Sunday), we went back and bought ourselves one....each......i Bought one for her, and she bought one for me......

aNd dream has come true....

W810i03 W810i04
mEet KuBoo (sHort for Kuro Boo, meaning Black Pig).

wEll, the downside to this is that now, i am behind schedule in my marriage fund target...... eXcuse me while i hide-away to weep.......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

21 November w810i YAY~~!!!

Daily Mockery

rEsistance will only cause one to fall even harder.....

nEver resist.....give and take.....


wHat iS tHis wOrld cOming tO.....

jUst got off my daily dosage of blog reading. yOu can never predict what kind of entries you'd find....

tHis morning, this article caught my eye...
rEading it i can't help but having to think how radiculous that situation is.

fIrst off, i am totally against the idea of violence in a marriage. tHat is something not to be tolerated. bUt to totally cross out any sexual activities in a marriage!? sEriously, how absurb can people possibly get!?

tHough i must make one point clear. i Don't think SEX is everything in a relationship/marriage. iF that were so, humans might already be breeding like rabbits, and having nothing different from a comman stray dog.

bUt you've got to admit. SEX may not be everything, but it is still as important in maintaining a good relationship as communication is. mArriage eventually leads to children. aNd in case you're from another planet, SEX is required to make children. wEll, naturally that is.

oTher than making children, i've always seen SEX essential to bringing two people closer to each other. iN a way, it helps a couple understand each other more, well, in a more physically way. a Healthy and satisfying sex life actually brings couples closer to each other.

tHere are so many ways of looking as sex in our human culture: some view it as pure pleasure; some as a merging of two souls; some as pure means reproduction..... pErsonally i see it as a sacred ritual only married couples are elledged to participate in.

oLd-fashioned? yEah! bUt i don't see anything wrong with it.

iSn't marriage suppose to mean two people love each other so deeply that they decide to devote the rest of their lives to each other!? aNd when you love the person so much, how could it be that you distest any act of intimacy with him/her!? sOmething is absolutely wrong here.

mAybe there really IS a problem with you after all. eVer thought about it without arrogance?

wHat is this world coming to?? wHere husbands can be convicted under the crime of RAPE in a marriage...... hOpe for humans is sliding away.....

Friday, November 17, 2006

17 November sIdeTracked~!

Daily Mockery

i Was so anxious about writing today's daily mockery, and was sure about whan i was going to write....

rIght until i actually got to the update page that is......


hAchi to kUroba tSu no rEview

eErr....wEll, it's not really a review.....just some thoughts i have after watching the series.

WARNING: tHere are Spoilers in here, so those who's following the first season on Animax, Run! Hide! Cover your eyes!


Honey and Clover II picks up where the first series left off. yEs, after Takemoto confessed to Hagumi(Hagu) at the festival. tHis was the main reason i went to download this season. i Was dying to know what would happen between Takemoto and Hagu

uNfortunate for Takemoto, all Hagu said after hearing Takemoto's confession was,


aFter that everyone just went on with their everyday lives. Takemoto was busy with his final thesis, which wasn't able to finish before. aS usual Morita was showing is affection towards Hagu, with Hagu trying trying her best to escape. a Scene had Takemoto body-slam Morita to save Hagu.

hOwever, as the series progressed, came a scene where Morita gives Hagu his scarf, kissed her, freak-out about it and turn her into...


tOwards the end, it was clear that Hagu had feelings for Morita. bUt what most fans might not have anticipated, was that there was another person in the picture....

Shuji Hanamoto.....
dEspite his close relationship with Rika, he was actually had feelings for Hagu. Hagu is very close to Shuji. aPparently, Shuji had been taking care of Hagu since she was very young.

tHen came the fateful day. a Storm was brewing up. sTrong gusts of wind were blowing while preparations for the College Art Festival were being made. wHile looking out of the window at Shuji's office, Yamada commented,

"It feesl like something bad is going to happen..."

iNcidentially, Hagu was passing by some students moving a few big glass frames when a strong gust caused one of the glass to topple over, hit the stone railing and break right above Hagu..... sHe was badly injurred in the inccident. wHat troubled her most was her right hand was so badly wounded that the doctors had to operate and stitch her veins back together.

tHe fear of not being able to draw agian would have overwhelmed her if it wasn't for Shuji, who had given-up his job at the College to take care of her......

Shuji never told Hagu that he had feelings for her, as he wanted her to choose for herself. tHen came a moment when Hagu asked him to give his life to her.

aT this point Takemoto and Morita had given way to Shuji. Morita even gave him a whole box of CASH for Hagu's treatment. Shuji only took 2 stacks and threw the rest back though..... aFter graduation, Morita went off to work with Peter Lucas. Takemoto decided to go into reviving old buildings with the group he met in his "journey to find himself".

Hagu and Takemoto stayed close friends, and she went to send him off with a package. wHen Takemoto opened the package on the train, he round a stack of bread.....with Honey spread, and on every piece, a four-leaf-clover.

cRedit began to roll as a weeping Takemoto gobbled down the Honey and Clover bread, uttering

"Hagu, i'm so glad i fell in love with you..."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

15 November is oUt of the qUestion!

Daily Mockery

hAd dreams about my car running out of petrol....
eVen when the metre showed it still had half a tank of it left....

mUst have been all topic of fuel that i've been hearing lately......

NOTE:Long Post aHead!

wHat hAve i bEen wAtching......

i'Ve never followed the 'drama trend' around me. bAck in high school, while everyone was watching Cantonese Drama, i preferred to watch the National Geographic. wHen Japanese drama came into the spotlight, i read manga. aNd when Korean drama began it's reign, i watched Japanese Anime and some Japanese soap....

wEll, i guess i've always been behind time when it came to trends. iT's not something i'm ashamed of though. eVen when it came to how i dress, i've never really changed my style to fit-in. wHat i believed (and still do) was 'Comfort if everything'. tHe only thing that i found worthy of, were baggy jeans. oUt of style? mEybe, but nothing beats a pair of baggy jeans. tHe space, the comfort. yOu can never go wrong with them when you skate.

rEcently, i've become more and more of a half-Otaku. i Wouldn't say i'm a 100%, as being an Otaku means you have in-dept knowledge of whatever you are interested in. iN-dept, as in knowledge up to the very core, even to the biography of it's creator. tO an outsider, it may very well seem like a waste of time to know these things, but trust me, it really isn't easy to know so much about certain things. i, for one, admire this kind of commitment.

a Half-Otaku is all i am. i'M interested in video games, Anime, Manga and a bit of Model-kits. i Get a lot of inspiration from them. i'Ve always wanted to draw like the artists whose manga i read. sAdly, i've been drawing for more than 10years, yet i still suck at it......T_T
i Really admire those who have the skills to draw life-like manga......such Envy.....


tHis is Honey and Clover. tHe Anime that i'm following now. nOw i don't usually like slow-paced, real-life, present-time Anime but i'm hooked on this series. sOmething about the excessive comical moments and in-dept charater background that atracted me. iT's a series about people from an art institute in Japan, their life, their relationship with each other, their problems, their fears, their desires, their past, their present, their hopes, their dreams....

i Guess one of the reasons i'm so hooked is because i wanted to go to an Art Institute after graduating high school. aNd this is as close as it gets for me to knowing how life could've been. lAme, i know.


i'M still playing this game. aNother sign of me being behind time. i'Ve liked playing the Tales series ever since Tales of Eternia. Tales of the Abyss eventually caught my eye, not only because is was in 3D and ont he PS2, as tales of Symphonia, which i didn't play, was the first 3D Tales i could remember, bUt because the artist, who also is the artist of

i Am a faithful fan of Kosuke Fujishima's work. Ah! My Goddess is one of the titles i'm collecting. sAdly, i've missed out several volumes and would Kill to get them! hIs designs and Vision is simply amazing. wHich explains the outstanding designs on weapons and costumes in Tales of the Abyss. hE also designed the charaters for Tales of Phantasia, the first Tales game, and several others in the Tales series.

hE is who i hope to draw like one day.

lOts more to wRite but i don't think i want to bore you guys with it now....