Friday, July 27, 2007

27 jUly cOme cOme gIant tRial!

dAily mOckery

dId you know?
tHat the Malaysian Anthem's tune came from a Hawaiian Song?
Mamula Moon - Felix Mendelssohn

iNteresting isn't it.......
iF you could do this, why stop others from doing it?



(tHey say:)

"Never judge a book by its cover"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

24 jUly 芳姐 HAPPIE BIRTHDAY!!!!!

dAily mOckery

iT's ironic with you love it when it rains.....
yEt you can't stand how cold it gets in your office during a rainy day.....




因爲空調是由在這座建築物底層控制室超卓。 租客必須通過工作人員來調整空調.....不幸的是,我們辦公室的溫度調整器竟然都坏掉了......
(yOu may ask why don't we just tune it down a little?
wEll, it's because all air-conditioning in the building is controlled by the control-room on the ground floor. Tenants can only make adjustments through the building staffs....uNfortunately, the Termal-controllers here at my office are all busted......
tHerefore.....there nothing much we could do.....)

Friday, July 20, 2007

20 jUly hOw mAny pEople wEre bOrn tOday?

dAily mOckery

wIth all the WTF-s and Toot-s i used, it's interesting that my blog was actually rated as:

Online Dating




dRive fAster lah~~~

其實我看過這輛kancil. 之前他也是駕得很吊。 看到這情景之後,我心中‘活該’不知說了幾百次!
(i'Ve seen that Kancil before and that time he was driving like an arse already. wHen i saw what happened this morning, i must've thought 'serves you right!' a few hundred times!.)

實在啊! 這個交通圈,很常發生這類事情。 我也有經驗的啦~
(aCtually, it's not the first time something like this has happened at this round-about. i'Ve had my Share of experience as well~)
(aFter that, i seem to always remember to slow down there.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

13 jUly yEt aNother dArk fRiday~~

dAily mOckery

tHe fUnny thing is that i still work so hard to even though i know not many read this blog.......

bUt you who read.
aRe the reason i carry-on.


wHo's tHe cLown hEre!?

(iNdeed! VIBRATE! cOuse he was trembling too fast to just be trembling alrady!!)

當時好像是超市開張,所以人潮很多。 我們是早上飛往詩巫,傍晚飛囘古晉。記得我們竟被超市的報導員介紹成外國來的小丑......
(i Think it was an opening event at that super market. wE flew to Sibu in the morning and back to Kuching in the evening. tHe D.J. at the supermarket actually introduced us to be from a foreign country.....)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

11 jUly iNa sUmma~

dAily mOckery

"There should be no discrimination amongst ranks~!", said the President to his guests as he smacks his black maid around for spilling the coffee........


4D aLso nOt sO cHun aH~!!!!


tHe guy at the shop told me that if the price for repairs is above RM150, then he won't do the repairs course he thinks it's not worth it.... sO he charged me RM135 for the repairs.......
i'Ll need to send the monitor back to the shop again tonight......

Monday, July 09, 2007

9 jUly -eNgage eNemy-

Daily Mockery

dId anyone noticed that Bumblebee parked himself beside a dusty-old-yellow Vox Wagen in the Transformers movie?

iT kinda makes it look like they're trying to imply something there......


tRansformers: oPtical iLlussion~~!

dOn't laugh!
yOu've also done it before~!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 jUly 2007 = 07.07.07 = jAckPot~

Daily Mockery

mY Bro commented that if Hot Rod were to be put into the Transformers sequel, he'd most probably be a Chevy Corvette........

oH gOsh.......pOor Hot Rod.........such a down-grade.......


Nissan Sunny! Transform~!!!!


yEs i'm still suffering from Post-Transformers Syndrome...........
aNd loving every minute of it....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

5 jUly, tHe dAy aFter Transformers....

Daily Mockery

yOu know what they say,
gOod CG and great sPecial eFfects usually mean.....
a Sucky script........

aNd they were rIght!
f-TOOOOT-! yOu Michael Bay! yOu s-TOOOOT-!
yOur name really should be read in HOKKIEN with your 'ch' pronounced as in 'Chair'!!


pOst-tRansformers sYndrome....


i Still despise Michael Bay for changing the story so much. bUt the new designs for the Transformers are growing own me......

High-Lights of the movie for me:-
- wHen Optimus Prime Spoke and i we hear the familiar voice of Peter Cullen. (goosbumps~~~~)
- wHen Megatron said,"You've failed me once again, StarScream!" (>w< fAmous Line~)
- wHen all the Autobots were hiding from Sam's parents. (hillarious!!!)

- StarScream did not sound like StarScream at all.......his voice should be annoying...
- tHe way Megatron died was...too....err........easy.........
- nEarly all the Decepticons were dead towards the end......

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4 jUly aMerican iDependance dAy~

Daily Mockery

pOlitics and cOnspiracy are like bread and butter.....
tHey will only taste better together......