Monday, November 28, 2005

What the KCUF!?

"OMG! What the heck is that woman doing nude? And why is she doing squat-ups in front of those officers!?"

"Didn't you hear?? It's been the hottest topic since bread came sliced. Said some officers stripped searched some chinese women and made her do some disgracing things in front of them!"

"What the......isn't that illegal!?"

"Well, yea, considering there are no Laws or 'standard procedures' where you have to be stripped searched"

"Hold on, that woman looks awfully familiar!"



Imagine that happening to you. How would you feel?

It's horrible!

Ever since we were kids, we were brought up on the belief that the Police are the once whom will:

Up-hold the law!


Protect the Weak and Innocent.

Instead, they spend their time, precious time that they could've used to solve more criminal cases, thinking up ridicules 'standard procedures' like this to miss-use their authority!

talk about "Mengharapkan pagar, pagar makan padi"!!!

Do you actually think that this is funny!?

Are you bored to death, so bore that you have to play disgrace others for the benefit of you own pleasure!?

Who the FCUK do you think you are!?

Need i remind you that they are also flesh and blood like you!?

People like these deserve to go though the same disgrace and torture that they've inflicted onto others.

The law should seriouly consider putting them throught the same torment. Yes, let them have the Pleasure of being Strip-searched and do Squat-ups Nude while someone records everything on tape!

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