Friday, November 25, 2005

Ways to tell if you hate cats

  1. You step on accelarator when you see a cat crossing the street.

  2. You have an 'urge' when a cat passes you by while you are holding a cup of Steaming-Hot-coffee.

  3. You have an air-pistol in your room labbelled "For Cats Only".

  4. You see a cat in your car-porch and you open the door and chase it around the block

  5. You name your Pitbull 'Pussy-No-More'.

  6. You feel like doing something to the neighbour's persian cat......invloving a shaver.

  7. You attach a fish to a trip-wire to a catapult in you backyard.

  8. Instead of milk, you teach the neighbour's kitten to drink Detol+water

  9. You sneak up behind a cat drinking by a lake and, suddenly, Screams!

  10. You strap a fire-cracker onto the neighbour's cat's clock-work mouse.

  11. You start masturbating a lot after seeing this...

  12. Instead of feeding the stray cats 'Whiskers', you feed them 'Whisky'.....

  13. "hereEE~~ kitty~ kitty~" urged Tom with a mallet hidden behind his back

  14. You have you garden sprinkler modified to spray gasoline and you have a box of match sitting on your closet by the door.

  15. You keep Electric Eels as pets in your garden pond.

  16. You see a cat resting at the roof of your apartment building and you sneak up to it and scream!

Indeed, i hate cats, but i am not a maniac and i've never done the above. Well, not most of them, that is.

you are welcome to try any of them. Be sure to tell me how it felt. Send me pictures if you manage to take them.


LaidBare said...

Thats... sick...

blacKCaT07 said...

like i said,
what i write doesn't mean what's i've done.

i still think kittens are cute.
but i despise cats. in acception of black ones XD