Thursday, December 29, 2005

Daily Mockery

We punish kids for shop-lifting,
We let politicians get away with murder.....


My little Christmas

Think Christmas is over? Well you're Wrong!!!!! 12 days of Christmas baby!
Which leaves 7 days left!

As always Christmas came and everything got glittery and and flickery all around. Everywhere you go, you'd see Christmas trees all decorated with Metallic Coated Balls and Flickering lights. Well, most places anyways.

Here's what's sitting in my house...

the family Christmas Tree in all its glory

and this is what's sitting beside the it...


It was a present from my aunts in the Carmelite Monastery from several years ago. They're very handy at making these religious objects. Through enough, they did a Wonderful job at making this crib customly made for the little figures of the Holy Family, the sheperd, and the 3 wise men they had given us a year earlier.

The church was fully decorated for the occasion as well


Shaky hands.......

it's life-sized!!!

So like every year before, we were at homing, counting the minutes before we had to leave for Midnight mass on Christmas eve.

Getting into the Christmas mood, i decided to go downstairs and listen to the chimes of the my Singing Bells (Yes, they Were put up after all XD).

Just as i got out of my room on the second floor, i saw.....


This little fellow was just Hanging there chillin' like one of the Christmas decorations downstairs!!

i froze and the first thing i thought was.....

"Wow~ COOL~!!!"

Then, all hell heaven broke loose when we tried to get it out out of the house!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Daily Mockery

i used to wonder...
"Why do they call the day after Christmas 'Boxing Day'? Clearly, we do the exact opposite of packing on this day. And yet, we still call it Boxing day?"

"i wonder if envious sibblings fighting over some toy has something to do with it...."


Yet another Seasonal Entry

There's actually another celebration that comes about the same time as Christmas. In fact, it's just a few days before the Bing Jingle Ling Ling.

It's none other that the Chinese Celebration of "冬至", or Winter solstice.

Unlike most Chinese Celebrations, whice depend on the Lunar calender, the time for this celebration depends on the Solar Calender. This is no joke

So like every year, my parents went and bought some daugh to make 湯圓, which can directly translated into....soup balls....believe me it tastes better than it sounds. There are many ways of preparing it but my family seem to like cooking the Balls in syrup and pandan leaves.

Just for the fun of tradition, we all sat down and began rolling the daugh into little Balls. Well, at least we tried. This is how most of the dough turned out though....

poring! poring!! PORING!!!!

Come to think of it, it wasn't just the shape.....but the pinkish colour as well.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Daily Mockery

One day, while i was listening to the radio....

"......illegal racing is not a Sprot...."

hmm.....Sprot eh......


My reflection of Christmas

Being born into a Catholic family, naturally means that my family has been celebrating Christmas ever since i could even remember.

Guess you could say, i grew up with Christmas.

Every year, whenever Christmas came around, my family would start the yearly routine.....
24th December, going to Mid-night mass...
25th December, Christmas Morning Mass (which i've always found an excuse to escape)
26th December, Time to open Presents~~~~~~

i recall back when i were a kid, when things were very less complicated. Back then, the sight of a fat, bearded man in a red and white costume never failed to thrill me. i guess i knew that i'd get something from him no matter how naughty i had been, despite what the song says,"..he knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes!"

Yes, back then, it was all about presents, presents and more Presents~~~

Time seem to pass so quickly. As i got older, i finally realized that Christmas shouldn't only be about presents. It should be about SHOPPING!! Err..... i mean celebrating the festival with family.

Though my family isn't very big, everyone's always busy with their own business. Christmas was a time when all my uncles, aunts and cousins came together. We'd all sit down together and have a pot-luck(every brings a dish or two) style family dinner. And every year, the adults would force urge the younger generation(namely me and my cousins) to sing Christmas Carols. And it's always starts out a with every feeling a bit shy. But when the motors warm-up, there's really no stopping.

It's also a time when whe whole family would visit my 2 aunts in Carmelite Monastery. Queues another scene of Adults forcing urging the younger generation to sing carols.

But i guess you could say, it's the Chai Family Tradition. Gotta love it.

There was a time when i though Christmas wasn't going to happen in my heart. (Queues the song "Christmas isn't Christmas"). It was a time of drepression, a time of much loneliness, and a time of deep thought. However, glitter from the decorations and lights of the Christmas tree sitting in a corner of the house and the caroling chimes from the set of Singing Bells (which i am still yet to put up this year) were irresistable. The season is never-failing.

Christmas is around the corner again....
The seasonal rainfalls are also here.
Shopping malls are decorated with the usual holiday designs once more.
The Crib with Baby Jesus lying in the manger is sitting in the Church Compound once more.
Kids are Running Wild in Malls, kicking and screaming for parents to buy them the latest Toys...

Ah....Christmas draws near.....
Jesus is to be born, and the world rejoices....
well, one way or another, that is...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Daily Mockery

i ready this in a book long time ago...
"The Great Wall of China was built to keep out the Mogrels"

it was early one holiday morning and i freaked my parents with a sudden burst of loud laughter....
Dad though i had gone hysterical after the finals.....

i didn't know what made him think that way, but i guess the fact that i was in my underwear, half way through my morning routines had something to do with it....


The Twelve days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
A PSP just for me~

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the forth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the seventh day of Chrstmas, my true love gave to me~
7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
11 Terrapins, 10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

On the twelvth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~
Final Fantasy 12, 11 Terrapins, 10 for UOW gathering, 9 months of pain, 8 flying kisses, 7 black cats, 6 kuku jiao
5 UnderpantS~
4 Chocolate bars, Playstation 3, 2 gigs of ram, and a PSP just for me~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Daily Mockery

Did you think that Jesus was Born on the 25th of December!?
Heck! i bet they haven't even invented the word "December" yet!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Daily Mockery

Ten years from now....
i'll be asking a kid on the street...
me: hey kid, do you know what Christmas is about?
Kid: Of Course! It's about snowmen~ Christmas Trees~ Presents~ and Santa~
me: errr.......What about Christ?
Kid: Christ? What Christ?!
me: Christmas is suppose to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, didn't you know?
Kid: Don't be silly! For someone your age, you sure are clueless about Christmas!
me: .......


Santa Coca Cola~

Christmas isn't Christmas~
Till it happens~
In your heart~~~~

Thus another year is nearing the end. Which means.....Chrismas is creeping up on us once more.

These days, so many festivals have been commercialized. Yup! Christmas is one of the icons of this phenomenon.

What is Christmas about?

Is it about the Christmas trees?


Oh! i know! Santa Clause!!!!!!!
.....Go screw yourself.....

Then what Is it about!?


Yes! We've been Had! And it's all the media's fault!

Take Santa Claus...

Does any know who Santa Claus really was??
No, he's not the over-weight, old guy in bright-red clothing with fur.....

in fact he looks like this......

Meet Darth Sedious....i mean St Nicholas.

Long ago, there was a poor father who's daughters wanted to get married. But he was too poor to pay the drowry (apparently, different from our Asian tradition, the bride had to pay....).

When St Nicholas learnt about this, he snuck to the father's house in the middle of the night and threw a bag of gold in through the window.

The next morning, the father was amazed. He swore to find out who did the good deed.

So when the time came for his second daughter to get married, he faced the same problem. And as predicted, along came St Nicholas to throw "donate" another bag of gold. Only this time, the father was awake and when St Nicholas threw the bag through the window, it hit him on the head and he died........

Just Kidding!

The father rushed out and caught hold of St Nicholas. Despite St Nicholas's plead for it to be kept secret, the father told everyone about it.

There you have it! The story of St Nicholas....

But how did St Nicholas become....this.....

this guy probably have heart-attacks, diabetes, and high blood pressure...

Well, here's the culprit.....

Cocacolalogobubbles4100434's true!

Yupe! That's how the Red and White Santa Claus came to be......and don't even try to ask how "St Nicholas" became "Santa Claus"!

actually i have no idea.......

But my guess is, something was lost in the translation.....

Yes! Christmas isn't Christmas till you've had Coca Cola~!

Wonder what they'll change next.....maybe instead of saying "Merry Christmas", we'll say "Merry Coca Cola" next......

Friday, December 16, 2005

Daily Irony

How different are we from the beasts,
When we slaughter and murder our own fathers and mothers,
for slightest reasons as money....


Weak, we have become.....

Yesterday, i heard at home that some kid committed suicide....

No, it wasn't because his girlfriend left him....

No, it wasn't just because he failed every single subject in his finals....

and no, it wasn't because he owes too many people money that he had to take his own life to escape the enormous debt.....that's another guy.....

He killed himself, just because his mother refused to upgrade his computer and limited his gaming time to 7hrs per day.

Why upgrade?

So that he could Play Online Games, better....

Oh, but there's more.....
He left a suicide note, stating which of his belongings will be given to whom.....
and get this...

His friend gets his computer!

And all his other belongings will be give to other friends as well!

When heard this, i was like


This Brat, i didn't quite get how old he was, killed himself by sticking an electric wire to his body (i heard wrist ). Well, i don't know if he was trying to turn himself into Blanka from Street Fighter, or trying to give himself lightning element......instead, he turned into a human jerky.

For what?!

For the reason his parents limited his online gaming hours to 7hrs max.

Yes, 7hrs! Who the hell could sit infront of a computer staring at a screen that Long!? The longest record i had was like, 5~6hrs! 7hrs! That's already TOO LONG, Dude!

Bet he didn't know people can get cancer being too close to the computer monitor too long.

So he tried to turn himself into Blanka.....

It's frightening to see weird things like this happening. As i recall, this isn't the first MMORPG related death. Not long ago, i remember reading about another incident about a kid killing himself after playing WOW (Worlds of Warcraft)! And he left all his items and equipment in the game to his online pals!


How weak can the human race become!?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Daily Irony

Have you ever noticed?
How several students tend to look almost identical to your old schoolmates when you return to you old high school years later?


It Shook!

Well, i was prepared to write about kittens and puppies or any other korny thing i could think about.....but i guess after the incident this morning, i guess i'm just not into it now....

It was just another morning drive to work...right, Was......

i was on my usual route to work, and when i came to the exit to the round about in front of King Centre, i stopped. Well who wouldn't. At the time i noticed that i was following a Proton Waja. And when my car finally got the the edge of the stop, i looked to see if ther was any traffic coming my way, before i stepped on my accelarator to move into the round about.

Well, any sane driver would do that......but any sane driver would've looked in front before trying to rush into the round about....

i guess i'm just not too sane....


i felt a shock sitting in the little seat of my Nissan Sunny......

Wholy Crap! Little Sunny here just kissed the ass of the Waja in front of me.....

So i got out, and waited for the driver to emerge from the Waja. And hence, he did. He was a guy a, i would say, in his late 30s or early 40s. Slightly shorter than i am wearing a pair of specs......

What came to my mind was astounding.....

"OMG....IT's ME IN 10~20 Years!"


Right so we stared at each other for a while and then we looked at the damage. Then he asked what i was planning to do....

Well, it was inevitably my i apologized and we walked off.....

Yeah Right!.....

We were half way though our conversation when the traffic police came up to us to tell, no Order the both of us to move our vehicles to another spot as we Were after all causing a jam.

So we did.

i gave him my business card, and told him to check how much repairs will cost. In a way i offered to pay for the repairs.

He then gave me his business card and i told him that i will also check with a friend about the costs.

i consider myself lucky. Mr. Kho (the driver) seems to be quite a reasonable man. At least i hope he is.

Anyways.....all i found out that one of my former classmates is owns a repair shop. i plan to take him there.

Well, i guess everything's okay. i hope.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Daily Irony

You pay RM9 to get into a cinema with sticky floors,
pay an extra RM9 for Popcorn and a large coke. 9+9= (RM) 18.00

While you can do enjoy watching Harry Porter and the errr....Goblet of Failure...ack....i mean Fire lying in bed munching down on all the chips you can buy without having to worry about how others will think of you. VCD+chips+comfy seat/view = 5 + (1.70+2.40+3.20) + 0 = 12.30

Hey, but who cares~ Originality and romances comes first~


Ack! I've just been Pked!

i'm a gamer. i love playing online games. And i hug my PS2 like a pillow when i sleep at night. Well, maybe i don't but it's sitting next to me while i sleep at night.

Yes, i am an online game freak. i get addicted to any online game i register an account with during the a free beta period. i'd even pay-2-play if payment was possible.

i've played Dragon raja, Ragnarok online, Seal Online, Rose Online, Gunbound, Maple Story, Survival Project, RYL & gamemyth, RF online(though i still don't know what the heck RF means!), and a few more that i can't even remember their names.

After playing so many online games, you tend to notice several differences of gaming ethics around the world.

i much rather play a game on a Taiwanese server rather than play it on a local server.



Maybe i'm just being ignorant, but when someone kill-steal in a foreign sever, they'd apologize as most of the times, they didn't do it on purpose. It's really admirable in a sense. Though ever so often you see so much violence and blood-shed in an online game, player still could remain courteous towards one another. You can actually feel comfortable

Here's an example,

Player B is fighting a monster in-game, and Player A is hunting at the same spot. Player A clicks aim at a nearby monster but the stupid cursor accidentally selects player B's monsters. Player A trys to click away but it lags and he kills the monster......

Player A:"Oh! I'm terribly Sorry bout That!"

Player B:"It's okay~ It's happened to me before! No worries~"

Player A:"^^"

Player B:"Hey, wanna train together?"

Plyaer A:"Okay!"

Okay, maybe that's a bit too exaggerated, but it's true, i've noticed that players on foreign severs are more mature and courteous when it comes to these kind of situations. Well, there are of course, exceptions (E.g. the braZillian speedhackers in DR and Pinoy kSers in RO).

Same situation in a Local server would be something like this...

Player A:"Sorry..."

Player B:"Cheebye! U like to KS issit!?"
*Switches to Player Killing Mode and Kills Player A!

Here's another example...

Player A:"......."

Player B:"oi! dun Ks Lah~~~~"

Player A:"beh song go PVP loh!"(pvp = player versus player)

Here's another.....

Player A switches to PK mode and kills Player B......

And the player A is like "WTF!?", still hasn't any idea what just happened.....
(this happened to me quite a number of times in my early DR days! XD)

After quite some time of avoiding local servers, i was finally tempted into trying a game in our local servers(the words free for life literally screamed out "PLAY ME!!!").

So, thinking that things may be different now, i decided to give it a shot.

That was naive...

Next thing i knew, i was spending so much personal time with Mr. Floor that i actually though we were meant to be together.......That's local online game players for ya.....