Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Daily Mockery

"i eat babies for breakfast!!!", said John while his 2 year old daughter climbs over his shoulders and sits there, turning his head into drum....


How do you know when you've found the One?

1. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is her.
2. When you miss her everyday even when you know that she's only going to be away for a few days.
3. When you plan about marriage even when it seems a long time away.
4. When your parents treats her better than they treat you.
5. When you can see yourself sitting with her in a Rocking-chair/Wheel-chair/swing, and having a good conversation while you count each other's wrinkles.
6. When you want all you kids to look like her.
7. When your friends get along better with her than they do you.
8. When she remembers the simple things that you tend to forget.
9. When you know that you should treat her better even when whe tells you that you've treated her great.
10. When you feel you've got nothing when she's not around.
11. When you rush each day through just so that you could be back in her arms at every day's end.
12. When you everyone around you tells you that you two look like twins.
13. When you tell everyone the year you will get married even though it's still a few years away.
14. When you've already set the budget required to see the whole wedding through.
15. When you've decided where to go for your Honeymoon.
16. When you've already planned out how many children you want to have and why.
17. When you've already decided the names of all your children.
18. When her sister treats you like her own brother.
19. When your parents ask her to bring a bunch of things back home during Chinese New Year and she brings another bunch of gifts back when she returns.

And Finally....

20. When you find time in your office to write an article on your blog about "How you know When you've found the one".