Friday, December 23, 2005

Daily Mockery

i used to wonder...
"Why do they call the day after Christmas 'Boxing Day'? Clearly, we do the exact opposite of packing on this day. And yet, we still call it Boxing day?"

"i wonder if envious sibblings fighting over some toy has something to do with it...."


Yet another Seasonal Entry

There's actually another celebration that comes about the same time as Christmas. In fact, it's just a few days before the Bing Jingle Ling Ling.

It's none other that the Chinese Celebration of "冬至", or Winter solstice.

Unlike most Chinese Celebrations, whice depend on the Lunar calender, the time for this celebration depends on the Solar Calender. This is no joke

So like every year, my parents went and bought some daugh to make 湯圓, which can directly translated into....soup balls....believe me it tastes better than it sounds. There are many ways of preparing it but my family seem to like cooking the Balls in syrup and pandan leaves.

Just for the fun of tradition, we all sat down and began rolling the daugh into little Balls. Well, at least we tried. This is how most of the dough turned out though....

poring! poring!! PORING!!!!

Come to think of it, it wasn't just the shape.....but the pinkish colour as well.

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