Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Wow, i didn't know we had a lumberjack working for the rennovation company..."

"What's a lumberjack?"

*Queue several crows flying pass in the background.....


Geck Ingtereneck! Geck Rit of iur Children!

One day i was driving and the car stereo was on....

"Can't handle your kids? Why don't you get broadband? It'll keep them busy thoughout the holidays. There's so much you can learn from then net!"

Ah~ Broadband! Something that has begun to grow roots into the daily lives of society.

Wait a minute!? Did the woman just say introduced broadband to a friend so that she use it to get rid of her children!?


What are they trying to say!?

Here's a prediction of the near future....

A 5-year-old runs eargerly to her dad.

Girl : Papa, papa~!!

Dad : Yes Dear?

Girl : What do you and Mami do for fun ah?

Dad : Well, Papa and Mami like to go for movies, and take long walks at waterfront.

Girl : Liddat meh!? Eeeee~~~~ Why papa and mami so old-fashion one.....

Dad : Huh? Liddat also called old-fashioned meh?

Girl :
Yaloh~ Coz on the Ingtereneck, we see sooo many uncle aunty play wrestling ah! Then all uncles and kokos we see play cheat one~! They attached a stick between their legs and then poke it into the aunty and cheche's cheebye ah~! And make them all scream in paing ah! But theng hoh, the Aunty or cheches scream for more woh.....

The dad gets a heart-attack......

Children are very curious!

Curiousity + Internet is not a good combination!

What more to say have an advertisment that encourages parents to get internet, and let their children use it so that they can do something else.

In other words, children use the internet without parental supervision!


Knowing the nature of kids, they like to learn from what they see on television....

Back in our days, it was Cowboys and Indians, Wearing our underwear outside and pretending to be Superman, or strapping a rotan hamper basket on our backs, and fake weapons screaming out words like "KAWABANGA!" or "DUDE!!!" (ninja turtles loh!).

What will happen if the above was let to happen.....

Imagine parents being called to the pricipal's office not because they children beat up some poor kid at school, but because he sexually harrassed a female classmate in the school library......

Is this really what you want???

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