Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daily Mockery

iT takes more muscles to frown than to smile......
wOuldn't it be more relaxing if you just keep an expression-less face?


sTrangely fEd-up!

iT's fascinating how people can get paranoid over anything.

sOme think that the whole world is out to get them....
sOme think aliens are out to get them....
sOme think the sky is falling...... (could happen..... if a satelite falls from spce.....)
sOme think everyone around is undressing them with their eyes.....
sOme think their partners are cheating on them.....

oUt of the ones i've encountered, this is the only one i find it hard to accept.
i'M talking about the ones that think that the more a certain person loves them, the more they will owe the person......

fIrst off, love isn't a favour. yOu don't ask people to love you more as a favour. yOu don't go up to someone ad say,
"dUde! dO me a favour will ya'? LOVE ME!"
aNd you return the favour because you'll feel guilty about it if you don't.

iT's suppose to be mutual. tRanlated it means:

gIven freely,
gIven willingly,
gIven by both sides.

iF it is given otherwise, it's not love...

wHen people gives you something to show their affection towards you, it's because they wants to do it. aNd not because they want you to do something in return for it. wHy do you need worry about how you should 'pay' them back for it?

tHey're not doing you a favour,
tHey just want you to be happy,
tHey just want to tell you they love you,
hOping you'd feel loved...

yOu're thinking too much... with you brain that is....
mAybe it's time you learn to really listen to your heart more.

lOve is a commitment. tHis also means you need to put time and effort into it nuturing it. iN a way, it's like a baby, whilst time and effor are the parents. wIthout the parents to take care of it, it will certainly die.

iNstead of coming up with ridiculous like
"i Enjoy a single life more" or " yOu are making feel like i owe you too much"
wHy don't you spend more on getting to know each other better. fInding excuses because you're too lazy to put in any effort isn't going to help kinder the relationship.

iF you can't do it, then it's obvious that you're not ready to be in a relationship because you can only see yourself in the world. wHether you know about it or whether you like it or not, that's the truth.