Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i've always been a Dog-person since i could remember.
For some reasons, i am very taken to how cute dogs can be.

Maybe it's just because my house has never been empty of dogs before.

or maybe, coincidentially, i was born in the year of a dog. See, what a bastard i turned out to be?

But sometimes, there's always a black sheep of the crowd that you can never find it in you heart to love...

meet Lucy-Fur! The devil's incarnate! The Monster! The Dog that chased almost every kid in my neighbourhood during it's reign!




....ok...so i sucked at drawing.......


this bitch (meaning Female Dog, in case you think it's a pun) was brown, had long fur and eyes that would even make you nanny cry.

Everytime the doors to owners' house was open, she'd roam the lane of my block. Chasing poor innocent passers-by. Terrorizing poor deffenceless children. And i, was one of these poor deffenceless children.

Almost everytime i came fast-to-face with this bitch, it'd chase me all the way back to my gate.

Almost everyone was afraid of its notorious nature. And no one dared to confront it.

I later learnt that its name was Lucy......and after my countless 'encounters' with this beast, i finally decide that its name should be changed......Thus 'Lucy-Fur' was born.....

As time passed, the poor-deffenceless-children grew up. Being bigger in size, made us braver than we had been.

And finally, one fateful day,
i was just walking home from a trip to the nearby shops, when Lucy-Fur rushed out at me. i finally found enough courage in me to rush at her.

She ran.....

Finally, her reign over me was over....

Years had gone by since then. Lucy-Fur is dead now.....probably causing havoc in heaven(yes, couse all dogs go to heaven, despite how nasty they lived) somewhere, chasing some poor-deffenceless angels around the clouds somewhere.

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