Saturday, October 15, 2005

Honestly...i HATE cats!

Despite me using blackcat as a my nick, i'm actually more of a dog person. In fact, i despise cats.

If you ask me Why? Well, all i can say is, I don'T know either.

Maybe it was being scratched by one when i was 4. Or maybe it was cause one ate my goldfish and later, my turtle. Or even because they tend to make such annoying noises and start playing tag on my roof whenever mating season comes around. All i know is, I HATE 'em!

I recall an incident i witness when i was younger which never fails to amuse me everytime it comes to mind. It happened on a sunny afternoon when i got so bored, i decided to take a walk around my neighbourhood. i was walking along minding my own business and enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, when i suddenly noticed 3 of the neighbourhood dogs ganging up on a cat.

After chasing it around the block a few times. 2 of the dogs managed to overtake the cat and were getting ready to attack it from the front as the other chased the cat towards them. It all happened so fast, than in a leap of distress, the cat jumped over the two dogs in its way, without noticing the drain behind them!

Next thing i saw, was the cat plunging into the drain with a hugh Splash! The dogs seemed surprised. Later, the cat emerged, damped from the drain water and ran off.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Recently, i came across this picture on the net...

 go Masturbate...kill all the cats!

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