Friday, December 15, 2006

15 dEcember wAck tHe wEasle

Daily Mockery

i Had a rhyme i wanted to write here earlier,
tHought i'd remember as my mind was still clear.
sO i got clicking just over here...
oNly to realize my greatest fear......

gReat.....i'Ve forgotten what i initially wanted to write.....


nOses iN sOmeone eLse's bEef....

nO it's not what you think.....

hAve you ever played this game as when you were younger? yOu form a line then the first gut whispers something to the second guy, and the message is passed down the line and the last person in the line calls out the message he'd been told. tHe group with the message closest to the original, wins.

if you've played this game before, yo'll know how comedic the final message could become. iMagine

"To be, or not to be?"

could actually end up as

"A bee had just stung me!"

yOu be the judge.....

i Don't know what got people playing this game in the first place, but to me, it's an experiment of human nature.

eVer so often, someone is told a rumour, and the rumour then spreads to a ten, and the ten spreads to a hundred (AKA the mandarin idiom '一傳十,十傳百').

aNd as if spreading rumours, which often doesn't even have a single spec of solid proof of truth, people tend to spice up the story, adding in their own versions and 'enhencements' to it. i Guess it's just in the human genes to take something, modify it and then send it out again.....

wHether if it's just a harmless joke or a story to defame someone, the one under the spot-light is often put through much interrogation and shame.

iT maybe fun and useful in making conversation to share the rumours about a certain someone with a bunch of friends, but have you ever thought about the consequences of it all? sOmeone you know for years might be get defamed over the things you say and the little 'enhancement' you added just to spice up the story.

fRiends could turn into enemies......
fAmilies could fall apart......
cOmpanies could go bankrupt.......
jUst because someone decided to spice up the rumour he/she heard, and spread it to another... has the following description of the word 'rumour'( or rumor in American):
- a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to fact
- gossip;hearsay

iN lay-man's terms, there's is no proof of whether the story is true or not.....

sEeing so many cases of this happening around me, and even being put under the spotlight several times, got me wondering why people can't just shut up about things that they don't even have proof to.

aRe people in Kuching really That bored?!

tHat they need to make up stupid rumours about their Friends and spread it around just to make their like more entertaining???

lIke here you have
"WOW! did u hear about X and Y getting together??"
"OMigosh! i Heard someone saw them holding hands!"
"WA~~ nO, A said they kissed passionately in Water-front!"
"ISSIT!?!?! i heard from B they Y stayed over at X's house ah!"
"WALAU!!!! They are up to that Extent liaw ah! Must be doing it ah!!!"

i Mean WTF!?

aRE you really that BORED???
sO Korean drama don't hit the spot anymore!?
aLl the information and things to do on the internet is not IN anymore????
tHat you have to go and pry into other people's business and spice up their life by 'enhancing' and 'modifying' it into a stupid rumours with flying pigs???

dUde! yOu really need a H-O-B-B-I-E! hOw about Bungy jumping? wIth any luck, the rope would snap and, MAN! that'll be very exciting for all of us to talk about!


james said...
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james said...

^_^ some how I wonder how kuching ppls are not asking "ow~what did you have your lunch today?" instead of "how's you getting together with someone?" come on~this is now a one night stand world, 2 ppl f**king together it doesn't means they r married or even get together! wats wrong with those gangs always gethering every nights? are you tryin to say they're all gay? r u making ur frends all together? or u r tryin to cut off the frendship between? anyway, roumor will be stop on a true fren coz they really trust you, knowing wat u think n knowing wat ur brain made of~!