Thursday, November 30, 2006

30 November Advent is at hAnd~~~

Daily Mockery

wAs playing FFIII on my NDS the other night and was having a heck of a time trying to make my way through a dungeon with horribly strong monsters. aNd as if it wasn't hard enough, these monsters have the tendancy to "Divide" themselves and multiply......

jObs of my party members included: a Knight, a White mage, a Black mage and a dRagoon....

tHough at the time i knew i was suppose to use my favourite job, the dark knight, to make it easier.... pRoblem was.....i didn't have the right weapons nor did i have strong enough amour for that job.

nOt strong weapons+no strong amour = death = waste of Pheonix down/Raise magic.....

tHing got better as i went deeper into the dungeon though, as i finally got the Genji amour set for the dark knight job, not to mention a strong sword as well.

wIth those equipment at hand, the boss battle was a piece of cake. tHe dungeon took me more than an hour but the boss took only a few minutes....

aFter the boss battle, i decided to train around as my characters' levels were at 39 and i wanted to reach 40.

jUst as i finally levelled.....i accidentally pressed the power button.........


wOah~! tHat wAs lOng......

wEll, from the looks of today's "Daily Mockery", you should have an idea about what i've been doing a lot lately.

yEs, playing Final Fantasy III on the NDS (or as James like to call it, "the thing that you can touch down there").


bEing the FFF (Final Fantasy Freak) i am, it's obvious that i'm hooked on this game. iF you are living with me, you'd see me glued to my NDS every chance i get.


i Can't help it, i'm really a sucker for 3D re-makes of old RPG games. wHat's more, this is Final Fantasy, the game that got me interested in RPG games in the first place. tO add to my addiction, Final Fantasy III allows you to change between classes, unlike the recent versions of FF i've played (FFVIII - Cloud was a soldier, Cid was a dragoon, period/FFVIII - Squall was a squire, Seifer was a knight, period/and so on). tHe idea of being able to train as different classes just grabs me (just like how it did when i played Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Advance).


i Must admit though, i was scepticle about NDS being able to handle the advance CG graphics that Squareenix famous for. aNd this game really prooved me wrong. tHe opening CG ran so smoothly ub superb quality, i nearly had an orgasm when i first saw it.


sO now i'm finally convinced that my choice to buy NDS rather than the PSP was absolutely worth it.

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