Tuesday, November 21, 2006

21 November w810i YAY~~!!!

Daily Mockery

rEsistance will only cause one to fall even harder.....

nEver resist.....give and take.....


wHat iS tHis wOrld cOming tO.....

jUst got off my daily dosage of blog reading. yOu can never predict what kind of entries you'd find....

tHis morning, this article caught my eye...
rEading it i can't help but having to think how radiculous that situation is.

fIrst off, i am totally against the idea of violence in a marriage. tHat is something not to be tolerated. bUt to totally cross out any sexual activities in a marriage!? sEriously, how absurb can people possibly get!?

tHough i must make one point clear. i Don't think SEX is everything in a relationship/marriage. iF that were so, humans might already be breeding like rabbits, and having nothing different from a comman stray dog.

bUt you've got to admit. SEX may not be everything, but it is still as important in maintaining a good relationship as communication is. mArriage eventually leads to children. aNd in case you're from another planet, SEX is required to make children. wEll, naturally that is.

oTher than making children, i've always seen SEX essential to bringing two people closer to each other. iN a way, it helps a couple understand each other more, well, in a more physically way. a Healthy and satisfying sex life actually brings couples closer to each other.

tHere are so many ways of looking as sex in our human culture: some view it as pure pleasure; some as a merging of two souls; some as pure means reproduction..... pErsonally i see it as a sacred ritual only married couples are elledged to participate in.

oLd-fashioned? yEah! bUt i don't see anything wrong with it.

iSn't marriage suppose to mean two people love each other so deeply that they decide to devote the rest of their lives to each other!? aNd when you love the person so much, how could it be that you distest any act of intimacy with him/her!? sOmething is absolutely wrong here.

mAybe there really IS a problem with you after all. eVer thought about it without arrogance?

wHat is this world coming to?? wHere husbands can be convicted under the crime of RAPE in a marriage...... hOpe for humans is sliding away.....

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