Friday, November 17, 2006

17 November sIdeTracked~!

Daily Mockery

i Was so anxious about writing today's daily mockery, and was sure about whan i was going to write....

rIght until i actually got to the update page that is......


hAchi to kUroba tSu no rEview

eErr....wEll, it's not really a review.....just some thoughts i have after watching the series.

WARNING: tHere are Spoilers in here, so those who's following the first season on Animax, Run! Hide! Cover your eyes!


Honey and Clover II picks up where the first series left off. yEs, after Takemoto confessed to Hagumi(Hagu) at the festival. tHis was the main reason i went to download this season. i Was dying to know what would happen between Takemoto and Hagu

uNfortunate for Takemoto, all Hagu said after hearing Takemoto's confession was,


aFter that everyone just went on with their everyday lives. Takemoto was busy with his final thesis, which wasn't able to finish before. aS usual Morita was showing is affection towards Hagu, with Hagu trying trying her best to escape. a Scene had Takemoto body-slam Morita to save Hagu.

hOwever, as the series progressed, came a scene where Morita gives Hagu his scarf, kissed her, freak-out about it and turn her into...


tOwards the end, it was clear that Hagu had feelings for Morita. bUt what most fans might not have anticipated, was that there was another person in the picture....

Shuji Hanamoto.....
dEspite his close relationship with Rika, he was actually had feelings for Hagu. Hagu is very close to Shuji. aPparently, Shuji had been taking care of Hagu since she was very young.

tHen came the fateful day. a Storm was brewing up. sTrong gusts of wind were blowing while preparations for the College Art Festival were being made. wHile looking out of the window at Shuji's office, Yamada commented,

"It feesl like something bad is going to happen..."

iNcidentially, Hagu was passing by some students moving a few big glass frames when a strong gust caused one of the glass to topple over, hit the stone railing and break right above Hagu..... sHe was badly injurred in the inccident. wHat troubled her most was her right hand was so badly wounded that the doctors had to operate and stitch her veins back together.

tHe fear of not being able to draw agian would have overwhelmed her if it wasn't for Shuji, who had given-up his job at the College to take care of her......

Shuji never told Hagu that he had feelings for her, as he wanted her to choose for herself. tHen came a moment when Hagu asked him to give his life to her.

aT this point Takemoto and Morita had given way to Shuji. Morita even gave him a whole box of CASH for Hagu's treatment. Shuji only took 2 stacks and threw the rest back though..... aFter graduation, Morita went off to work with Peter Lucas. Takemoto decided to go into reviving old buildings with the group he met in his "journey to find himself".

Hagu and Takemoto stayed close friends, and she went to send him off with a package. wHen Takemoto opened the package on the train, he round a stack of bread.....with Honey spread, and on every piece, a four-leaf-clover.

cRedit began to roll as a weeping Takemoto gobbled down the Honey and Clover bread, uttering

"Hagu, i'm so glad i fell in love with you..."

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