Friday, November 24, 2006

24 November wat time is it again??

Daily Mockery

yOu'll never know what you might online.
yEsterday i was reading a blog entry about famous yet ironic quotes by icons of the IT world today.

hEre's one to show how much i had reading that particular entry:

"640k ought to be enough for anybody."
- fUnny? nO. wHat if i told you that this was said by Bill Gates back in 1981?

aNd another...

"Windows isn't like a virus, viruses do something"

fOllowed by another...

"Window isn't like a virus, viruses rarely fail"

iRonicly these quotes are either very true, or very real. XD


sOmebody's gOt a nEw tOy tO pLay wIth.....

fOr those who know me well enough, i bet you've already grown sick of me nagging and whining about my dream phone, and how i am too stingy don't have money to get one. i'll bet i've nagged and whined so many times, you all are ready to biatch-slap me the next time i say something about it.

aNyways, in case you don't know/don't remember which phone i mean, it's the Soneyericsson w810i.
W810i01 W810i02

sO our story today begins when the gang that i hang out with decided to go phone-hunting over the weekend. iNitially we had no intentions about buying anything then. sAturday came and we met over lunch near Bin's office, and later head of to our fateful battlefield, Green Bucket Plaza (errr... Serbakas.... Se.. it's "Qing Tong" in mandarin so i might as well call it that). iT was there that we made our pilgrimage to from one stall to stall, floor to floor, store to store, checking out the price and package of various phones. i'Ve forgotten to mention, one of us was looking for a phone to buy at the end of the year. tHat was what brought about this little pilgrimage in the first place.

tHen it happened.........

i Swear, every stall and every store we visited, i heard it

"Buy me..... BUY ME!!!!! You know you want ME...."

aT first i just ignored it, but as we made our way thought the floors, the subtle whisper turned into a raging roar!(OMFG, i could hear voices in my head! i'M delusional! ......nOthing new there.....)

tOwards the end of the day, i've totally given-in to the lust...the temptation.... aNd it wasn't only me. aPparently, my little Piggy had also been pulled from grace when i put this question to her earlier,

(tRanslated - "Might as well just go right ahead and buy the phone now, you think?")

tAlk about the whole Adam and Eve episode all over again...... tHe next day (Sunday), we went back and bought ourselves one....each......i Bought one for her, and she bought one for me......

aNd dream has come true....

W810i03 W810i04
mEet KuBoo (sHort for Kuro Boo, meaning Black Pig).

wEll, the downside to this is that now, i am behind schedule in my marriage fund target...... eXcuse me while i hide-away to weep.......

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