Friday, July 20, 2007

20 jUly hOw mAny pEople wEre bOrn tOday?

dAily mOckery

wIth all the WTF-s and Toot-s i used, it's interesting that my blog was actually rated as:

Online Dating




dRive fAster lah~~~

其實我看過這輛kancil. 之前他也是駕得很吊。 看到這情景之後,我心中‘活該’不知說了幾百次!
(i'Ve seen that Kancil before and that time he was driving like an arse already. wHen i saw what happened this morning, i must've thought 'serves you right!' a few hundred times!.)

實在啊! 這個交通圈,很常發生這類事情。 我也有經驗的啦~
(aCtually, it's not the first time something like this has happened at this round-about. i'Ve had my Share of experience as well~)
(aFter that, i seem to always remember to slow down there.)


Serene said...

lol not gud to curse at others ah.. XD
Wat..? Rated General Audiences @.@ no la.. jk.. it's ok wif me le.. I'm still underaged haha..

Serene said...

Oh.. ur blog adi allow anonymous.. XD Finaly~ hehe..

~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~ said...

谢谢看我的blog啊 ^^
不要只来坐坐,还要吹水一下 哈哈 XD

ToMCaT said...

哈哈! 我也会说活该!

对了... 我还喜欢你的部落格哦...
很酷... 也很有趣...