Tuesday, June 19, 2007

19 jUne wAsh wAsh WASH THE......

Daily Mockery

wHen the said sent their messenger out along with a note 'Do not shoot the messenger', tHey got his head back with a note 'He wasn't shot, he was slashed up instead'.......


iT's cAlling mE......mY pRecious.........


精靈武器系統是只有付費玩家才能享受的其中一個項目。 最近都因爲沒什麽多餘的錢,所以都沒有買瑪奇地夢想生活配套。 於是,亞斯藍大劍就被擺到一邊去集灰塵...... 這次,我打算在精靈實體化實行后從新讓亞斯藍出來透透風! 我實在很想看到他實體化那帥氣的模樣!!
(tHe weapon ego system is only something paying players can enjoy. lAtely i haven't any extra money thus didn't any of their paying kits. hEnce, my claymore of Azlan has been set aside, collecting dust in my inventory..... tHis time around, in the light of the weapon ego summoning skill, i plan to let Azlan out for some fresh air! i really want to see how cool he looks being summoned!)

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