Monday, June 18, 2007

18 jUne wAlking bAckwards??

Daily Mockery

wAlking backwards in life will only result in falling into the same holes you fell into before, hence getting injured in the same places as before.

tHe moral of it?
wAlk fOrward!


aNd tHen tHere wEre 3......


小小很喜歡把另一只我們叫‘呣呣’(因爲它實在長得很像牛!) 的小狗當作枕頭睡。 自從他被人家抱走之後,小小好像覺得少了什麽般......
(Small^2 loves to use another puppy we named "MooMoo" (because it really looked like a COW!) as a pillow. sInce they took him away, Small^2 has been feeling like she's missing something......)

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