Friday, August 25, 2006

25 August tAukeh!! sEng kAm zUi mAi sEng!

Daily Mockery

wAs reading one of the chinese papers when i came the entertainment section.

dIdn't even find much interest in it until one of the students here pointed at something in the article and asked me what it meant (obviously, he didn't know madarin).

i Couldn't stop laughing after reading it....

hEre's the chinese translation given the the famous rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg

史奴比狗狗... (pronounced as se-noo-pee kou-kou)...


iSn't that suppose to be translated into Snoopy.... the one from the comic strip Peanut!?


hEalers or mUrderers.....yOu cHoose!

iT's alarming how some physicians think these days.

fIrst off, i must clarify that i'm not pointing any fingers at anyone in particular. tHis is just a general point of view about how the world is......

hAve you ever really noticed what kind of a world we live in these days?

a World where sex shouldn't be limitted to married partners....
a World where most movies have a scene of male and female lead actors having sex...
a World where the most unthinkable sexual crimes are committed....

iT's true, sex is taken very lightly these days. tO many, it's become more of a social gesture, rather then a sacred ritual. pEople who still cherish the belief of only sharing the spiritual connection with one are labelled as old-fashioned and out-of-date.

aNd what comes after sex?

"Nonsence! wE have Condoms!"

iN case you're stupid or just too ignorant to find out, condoms aren't full-proof!

sO what happens if, unfortunely, you 'accidentally' got (or got someone) pregnant?

"Haiyoh! Liddat also dunno meh! Get an abortion loh!"

yEs that is what people do. tHey call it a price for pleasure.
iS pleasure really so important?
tHat you have to sacrifice a human life in order to satisfy it??

fOr you who never thought much about it, a fetus is also a living being with a soul. aN abortion means killing off the fetus and that, in turn, means Murderring a person. bUt not just any other person, it's your own flesh and blood!!

aNd to think that physicians, the people we trust to save lives, are okay with this.

tHe baby is innocent! tHe one at fault is not him/her!
eVen if you are a victim in all this, the fault is not at the child... eVery sould deserves a right to live! aNd no child is an accident! NEVER!

eVen if you can't find it in you to bring up the child, you have the choice to put him/her up for adoption! aT least it's a better choice than spilling the blood of your own child one you hands!

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