Friday, October 26, 2007

26 oCtober ALUMOR AMOUR!!!

dAily mOckery

oCcassional rEview~!

iF you own a PSP, and are looking for something that provides great protection to the console, and fits perfectly. tHen this is what you're looking for!
tHis, is the Capdase Alumor Metal Casing for the PSP. iT comes with a silicon cover, an unbreakable screen protector and, get this, an ALLOY amour to ensure perfect protection!

aNd if that's not enough, it comes in several colours! i Personally own a black one.

aCcording to them, they should release the PSP Slim version by the end of the year.


PSP 兇案! wHen PSP(s) aTtacks!

(NOTE : tHis was an actual incident....)

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