Friday, May 11, 2007

11mAy or dIsmay?

Daily Mockery

hOw can you be sure that what we have proven with our science is the truth, and reality?

fOr all we know, our definition of Science was wrong in the first place!


aNd nOw wE hAve 13!?


雞婆是吵吵的母親。 她拐走小狗的理由可能是怕吵吵不會照顧罷......
(Kaypoh is Cha Cha's mother, by the way. tHe reason she snatched the puppy could be because she was worried that Cha Cha might not know what to do......
bEsides, this IS the first time Cha Cha became a mother after all..........)

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